Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY Denim Studs

Studs are awesome on most outfits. They bring that rocker look to life, in the most subtle ways if wanted. But putting your own studs on denim can be a bit harder due to the fact the fabric is much thicker. So here is my little tutorial on how to add studs to denim :)
(Also thanks to for originally helping me do this to my clothes!)

1) You will need studs of your choice, exacto knife, and small pliers. 
2) FInd the spot you want your stud (if you're having a tough time you can mark the spot with a pencil, I find that to be helpful).
3) Make two holes where the prongs of the stud would go with the exacto knife.
4) Place your stud (make sure the prongs are all the way through, you don't want it to be loose).
5) Using the small pliers fold down the prongs.
6) TA DA stud=complete :) 

A great spot to put studs for a jacket is the shoulders (I love that look). Or you can just add a simple touch to the collar and pockets of a shirt. Also if you have extra denim from jeans or something you can make a cuff (just cut a piece the size of your wrist and sew it) and then add some cool studs or even cover the whole thing in studs! 

Happy studding :)


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