Friday, November 30, 2012

Bow Baby

It is the essential accessory, the one I can not live without. It is the small added touch that can complete an outfit or add a feminine feel. It is the one and only: the bow! Now I always use bows in my hair and I know that you can have bow earrings, bows on your dresses, bow shaped jewelry, bows on all your clothing but here I will be addressing my favorite the bow for your hair.
So I absolutely adore bows and Emma can tell you all about how someway or another a bow always end up in my hair on a daily basis. They are such a cute touch to an outfit and can give quite a girly touch to even the most masculine makeup of clothing. So I have put a few photos below of bows I love  and a few places to get the perfect bow to add to your wardrobe. 

This two bows (the pics above and below this comment) are the two ways I almost always wear bows. The first is an easy clip that is a great way to put back your hair and the second is just a simple ribbon that you tie into your hair! 

This one is from forever 21 and is perfect for a more preppy outfit

This bow is sold online at Nordstrom and works so well with more summery clothing as well as pastels


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spice it up!

I love wearing simple outfits and having one piece of statement jewelry. Automatically people's attention is drawn to that and also I just love jewelry, in general! Etsy is one of my favorite web sites because I can find a huge selection of things from it and since most of it is handmade, no one else will have what I'm wearing which makes it really unique.

Feather necklace

ear cuff

tree ring

love birds

infinity necklace

hand stamped elephant bracelet

bicycle bracelet

little lemon earrings

bunny ring

miss princess ring

(all jewelry from

Hope you find something you like :)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So we all have those crushes that start small and turn into snowballs rolling down a mountain but never forget that it doesn't have to be just a crush believe me you can make it happen if you try no matter what. I have the hardest time with "leagues" and I just want to say he/she is never out of your league! We are all people and being older or prettier doesn't change anything.


Beauty of the Gym

You can still look good while working out! In fact I think that working out is a really important part of life. Saving some "me" time to hit the gym and do something cardio is important for everyone. Even just playing some one on one basketball with your friend or talking a walk, just moving in general! I love the feeling after a good workout where I just feel accomplished and amazing. While I workout I'm concentrating so much on what I'm doing that I let everything else leave my head for a while and I don't think of anything else. It is so nice to block unwanted things for a moment! I don't like jogging because I find that I get bored really easily. However I love team sports (ballet, basketball, soccer) or just working out at the gym with someone else. I'm the type of girl who if let alone will not do anything. I need goals otherwise I feel like I can't do anything. (if that makes sense) I don't need someone pushing me, like a trainer, but something that I can look forward too. Music also helps me concentrate on what I'm doing. Below I added an outfit and the beginning of a playlist that you can add onto depending on what you're doing!
Nagleen water bottle (hydrating is important)

Nike Free Run sneakers (shoes...unless you workout bear foot?!)

Under Armour shorts (or pants)

American Eagle sports bra (they have really pretty patterns)

Adidas shirt (they have a wide selection of colors too)

Beginning of a playlist:

Adele- Skyfall (stretch out)
Katy Perry-TGIF
Taylor Swift- Bang Bang Bang
Katy Perry - The one that got away
Shakira- Waka Waka
Inna- Sun is Up
Cascada- Evacuate the Dance floor
J-Lo- Papi
(finish the playlist depending on your workout)

Quotes to help push through :P



Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Take a deep breath, face your fear, conquer the void.


Studded London

I love London don't get me wrong but I also love the combo of these two pictures :)


Sweater Time

So today I experienced the first snowfall of this frosty season and I know it will only get colder. When I got home I pulled all my sweaters out of their summer slumber and put them into my closet readying them for their upcoming use. Here are some cute sweater outfit combinations that I love and I hope you will too!

The old classic tight sweater and skirt (best for a cute school outfit or day in the city. Don't forget tights my legs always tend to freeze when it gets in the lower degrees)

The manly sweater (hence the manly model). Boys: you can be extremely attractive in sweaters so wear them! Trust me :)

 The sweater and shorts are always cute for a bit of a warmer day, and the oversized sweater can always add a cute effect to a simple outfit.

The casual tomboy artsy look better for hikes in the red woods (most trees are now dead but still)

And last but not least, my favorite: the sweater and jean combo. I am a huge fan of nice leggings but jeans with sweaters are adorable and can make the comfiest casual outfit. 

Keep warm little frost bunnies

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of those stores that are different from all the other "typical" stores. It's such an amazing store. There are clothes for everyone, every taste, every color etc. EVERYTHING! Below I put some of my favorite articles also found on their website.

Classic Blazer

Atlas watch

Shredded Scarf

Wine colored booties

Studded back pack

High waisted shorts

Of course this is just a selection because I could very easily copy and paste their whole website onto this post. You could say I love their clothes, it might be a slight understatement. :)
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 26, 2012


When the snow falls and hot coco is served curl up by the fire with a nice lil' boy or girl ;) 


Little things

Little things that I found that make me smile, laugh and desperately want!

An adorable elephant ring (Etsy)
Miss Fancy Pants (Essie)

lace and leather dress (Forever 21)

Dinosaur sweater <3 (Urban Outfitters)

p.s. It's cyber monday!

Forever Peter Pan

Now you understand why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up, don't grow up too fast.



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