Monday, March 31, 2014

Les fleurs du bien

Gap tee, H&M skirt, Dim tights, Madden Girl booties, Swatch watch, vintage sunglasses, bracelet from Istanbul and scarf from a French market, H&M rings

Here's the last post from Paris. It was the last time that I will be able to wear a light skirt until a while (since my backyard in Massachusetts is disappearing under the incessant rain). After each summer, I change my computer background to something zen to start the year right. As the months go by, pictures of my friends replace the scenery I've chosen. Recently this spring, I had to change my background to a green landscape and blue sky from the Pyrenees. I've noticed how much my mood, consequently what I wear, depends on the weather. In these pictures, I was encircled by a lovely parc filled with beautiful jonquils and hyacinths. I can't wait to see the first crocuses peek out and finally be able to wear sunglasses again!
Voici le dernier billet de Paris. C'était la dernière fois que je pouvais porter une jupe légère avant bien longtemps (vu que mon jardin dans le Massachusetts est en train de disparaître sous la plus incessante). Après chaque été, je change mon fond d'écran pour y faire apparaître quelque chose de zen pour bien commencer l'année scolaire. Au fil des mois, des photos de mes amies le réactualise. Récemment ce printemps, j'ai eu besoin de (re)changer mon fond d'écran en un paysage verdoyant et ciel lumineux des Pyrénées. Je me rends compte combien la météo affecte mon humeur et conséquemment ce que je porte. Sur ces photos, j'étais entourée d'un joli petit parc avec de belles jonquilles et jacinthes. J'ai tellement hâte d'apercevoir les premier crocus et de pouvoir reporter des lunettes de soleil!

photo: me

(photos: PAUL)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hair In the Wind

Pimkie vest, Little Marcel shirt, H&M jeans, Madden Girl booties, Swatch watch, Target necklace, vintage sunglasses

It's unbelievable how nice Spring was in Monts, France a week ago. Looking at these pictures today, while it's raining and quite cold, I miss my friends more than ever (and the warm rays of the sun)!

C'est fou combien le  printemps était beau à Monts en France il y a une semaine. Il pleut ici et fait froid dehors pendant que je regarde ces photos. Mes amies me manquent (et les doux rayons de soleil)!

(photos: all of us)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

La baguette

Pimkie vest, H&M jeans, vintage button up, Madden Girl booties, Meg Erickson bag, gifted scarf, H&M and Itsybitsy rings, Swatch watch, Etam & Lucky Team bracelets
Buying bread in Paris is a pleasure, not only gustatory but also olfactory (fancy words, I know :p)! I love walking into a boulangerie, my mouth watering in front of the coffee "religieuses", the "moelleux au chocolat", the "Opéras" and "Paris Brest". Sadly, I never have enough time to taste all the patisseries I want to try when I'm in Paris. Have a sweet week!

Acheter le pain à Paris est un régal non seulement gustatif, mais aussi olfactif. J'adore entrer dans une boulangerie, saliver devant les éclairs, les religieuses au café (bien sûr), les moelleux au chocolat, les Opéras et les Paris Brest. Hélas, je n'ai jamais assez de temps pour goûter à toutes les pâtisseries quand je suis à Paris. Passez une bonne semaine sucrée.

(photos: PAUL)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Burning Bridges

Hello My Beautiful Bloggers, 
I know it's been a while :( but I've been in Canada for the past two weeks (post on its way). 
I was there to visit some colleges and ski my ass off. It was freezing and lacking in wifi so of course departing from the blog was hard. 
Anyway that is beside my current point because as some of you may know, here in MA, spring is finally on its way. The snow has said its goodbyes and the sun reaches its yellow fingers once more to the ground. I seriously doubt I have ever been more excited for spring and summer! 

On Burning Bridges:
Friends are people we hold close to our hearts in indescribable ways. As Elbert Hubbard once said "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." But sometimes people change, and yes of course we all change. Maybe its a small slow change, or a fast big change. It's not a materialistic change but maybe an outlook or a lifestyle; but we all change even if we don't want to. That's what people do. But sometimes change can push people away or you change in a way not everyone can be happy with. And that too is okay. Sometimes you grow apart, like a stretched bridge the emotions cannot always cross and thus the bridge will break. Mend the bridge, if you can. But if the bridge has slowly rotted to a place beyond repair maybe it's okay to let it fall. See where it takes you, maybe some new bridges, some new adventures. Burning bridges happen and the fire department doesn't always make it but thats okay it'll open up new roads and make new bridges. 

Jeans: Levi's 
Boots: L. L. Bean
Jacket: Pimkie but it's from Emma's closet (really need to buy it out) 
Shirt: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M

Stay Warm!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Drenched in Black & White

Pimkie vest, H&M pants, Rosebud tee, Vans sneakers, Meg Erickson bag, Swatch watch, Target bracelets, Walmart necklace, Modcloth and H&M rings
This place where plastic tubes wrap around the museum always fascinated me when I was little. We have the impression that the Centre Pompidou is a foreign location because of its alien-like aspect. From two blocks away, you can distinguish its green, blue, red and orange tubes. Standing near the Hôtel de Ville, or anywhere that's relatively close, the piercing colors surrounded by stone from the 3e arrondissement buildings shock the eye. I wouldn't say that this museum is nice to look at (unlike the Galleria fashion museum with its intricate sculptures). However, it's intriguing and pays tribute to the contemporary art with the same color pallet as the building's exterior.

Ce lieu aux tubes transparents qui entortillent le musée m'a toujours fasciné depuis que je suis petite. On a l'impression que le Centre Pompidou est un lieu étranger à cause de son air un peu extraterrestre! Depuis deux pâtées de maisons, on aperçoit les tubes verts, bleus, rouges et orange. Depuis l'Hôtel de Ville ou n'importe quel endroit assez proche, les couleurs pétantes choquent et contrastent avec la pierre de taille des immeubles du 3ème arrondissement. Je ne dirais pas que ce musée est beau (comme le musée Galleria de la Mode) mais il intrigue et rend hommage à tout l'art contemporain en utilisant les mêmes tons vifs pour son extérieur.

(photos: PAUL & ME)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New In - 7


I needed some gold earrings!
J'avais besoin de boucles d'oreilles dorées!


I can't wait to wear this delicate bracelet in the summer with a light sundress.
J'ai hâte de pouvoir porter une petite robe d'été avec ce bracelet.


It's a simple black shirt (the urbain uniform is growing on me) but it has the most feminine neckline.

C'est un haut noir assez simple (l'uniforme urbain commence à me plaire), mais il a un décolleté très féminin.

I love the crochet aspect of the lace on this tank top. You can tell I'm ready for warmer days!

J'adore l'aspect crocheté de la dentelle sur ce haut. Vous pouvez deviner que je suis prête pour des températures plus chaudes!
I purposely bought this angora sweater a bit large (even though it was on sale so they didn't have my size... I could have left it hanging on the rack :p) to be able to roll up the sleeves. I'm not even mentioning the perfect "I just rolled out of bed and threw this on" look that it'll create (like over here and there)!

J'ai fait exprès d'acheter ce pull en angora une taille au-dessus de ce que je porte normalement (même si c'était soldé et il n'y avait pas ma taille... enfin, j'aurais pu le laisser sur le cintre :p) pour pouvoir retrousser les manches. Je ne vous parle même pas du super effet "je viens de sortir du lit et j'ai mis cela et c'est parfait" qu'il va dégager (comme ici et là)!
street market near Hôtel de Ville

I decided a needed more scarves (and rings).
J'ai décidé qu'il me fallait plus de foulards (et de bagues).



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