Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hard Work

Aéropostale dress, DIM tights, Madden Girl booties, Ann Taylor cardigan, Forever 21 necklaces, old rings

Happy Halloween. I carved a pumpkin this weekend. I hadn't done that in a while. I figured out that it's a nice shoulder/gluteus workout if you're really working at it.

I also decided not to do another New In post for all the cool stuff I got. Anyways, these necklaces are new. I got them while Miki and I went to Boston (we'll post soon). I had found similar ones on Etsy for about $15.00 and these were $2.00. Talk about a bargain, that's always nice!

Joyeux Halloween (je sais que se n'est pas vraiment un concept en France, mais bon). J'ai découpé une citrouille ce week-end. Je ne l'avais pas fait depuis assez longtemps. Je trouve que c'est une très bonne façon de muscler ses épaules/cuisses si vous faites beaucoup. 

J'ai aussi décidé de ne pas faire un autre "New In" article pour tous les articles super que j'ai eu récemment. Bref, ces colliers sont nouveaux. J'en avais trouvé dans le même style sur Etsy pour $15.00 ors ceux-là étaient $2.00. Vous vous rencontrez de la bonne affaire, c'est toujours la bienvenue!

photos: Paul

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Gate

Just some more amazing pictures from Meg Erickson. Remembering how amazing that day was seems to make the memories last forever and never end. It kind of felt surreal. I hope you all have experiences that enrich your life and make your dreams come true. 

Encore quelques photos magnifiques prises par Meg Erickson. Simplement me souvenir de cette journée mémorable me donne l'impression de ne jamais l'oublier et de la re-vivre. C'était assez fou. Je vous souhaites toutes des expériences qui enrichissent votre vie et qui rendent vos rêves des réalités.

photos: Meg Erickson


Friday, October 25, 2013


So Emma and I got to model the other day for Meg Erickson (thus the multiple posts on her amazing bags). Since we've already done some posts on them I won't describe them again but I so so so so recommend checking her out here!! 

These photos are for her bags for the spring collection just so you know :) 

First Few Tips For Modeling:

1) It may feel awkward but it looks great on camera. 
2) Never look fully down or up or to the side. Always think in fourths. 1/4 to the side, up, down, etc.
3) Make sure your background works, little things are noticeable in photos.  
4) Relating to three, be a blank canvas when you start a shoot. Clothes, makeup, shoes, those are your paint. 
5) Have fun, you'll look better :) 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crème de la crème

I'm pretty sure I have only two handbags that I like and that are practical. Meg Erickson (see Miki's older shoot here) creates those kind of bags. Varying in shapes, sizes and colors, they're simple and unique. 

Purses feel too womanly for me, even though some are to die for. Clutches are great, just big enough to fit some money, chapstick and car keys for the night. However, handbags are great to tote around in the city, at the beach and you could even bring it to work. They're big enough to put a spare scarf, a book, all the little things a girl needs to find in one central spot. Meg Erickson has mastered that type of bag design. Check out the stores and her amazing bags (wait just a bit for the spring line pictured in the upcoming posts)!! {Thank you Meg for such a wonderful day.}

Je suis assez sûre que je n'ai que deux sacs que j'aime et qui sont aussi pratiques. Meg Erickson (voir l'ancienne séance de photos avec Miki ici) crée ces types de sacs. Ils existent en couleurs, tailles et formes différentes. Ils sont simples et uniques.

Quelques sacs à mains font trop "femme". Les pochettes sont parfaites pour porter du produit à lèvres, ses clés de voiture et un peu d'argent pour une soirée. Par contre, les cabas de Meg sont parfaits pour porter en ville, à la plage ou au travail. Ils sont assez grands pour porter un foulard, un livre et tous les petits accessoires dont une fille a besoin. Meg Erickson maîtrise ce design pour ses sacs. Allez aux magasins et regardez ses merveilleux sacs (attendez un peu la collection printanière)! {Merci Meg pour une super journée.}

photos: Meg Erickson


Monday, October 21, 2013

American Authors

Hey cuties, 

Oh fall, it's what you do to me
Oh fall, why must you do this to me
30 in the morning 
70 when the sun hits its peak
Oh fall, it's what you do to me
Oh fall, why must you do this to me? 

So y'all like my poem about how annoying fall is right now? It's great I know thanks :P 
Just kidding. But seriously...New Englanders whats with the weather? I mean I'm not from here so someone wanna explain? 'Cuz I'm getting pretty tired of fall's shit. I wear sweaters in the morning and I freeze, but middle of the day I think I may be in an erupting volcano. 

I think I may be in love with this elephant...just putting it out there...

Also you know what I've been listening to like a lot? This song (American Authors are really good definitely check them out!!): 

Sweater: H&M
Pants: Ralph Lauren
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Dog: My House


Leaving Handprints All Over You

New Vintage military vest, Gap shirt, H&M pants and scarf, Madden Girl booties, handmade jewelry 
I actually took time to do my hair! Isn't it pretty? Actually, I don't care if you don't like it, it took me a while (skills) and plus I like it anyways. When my hair's in a pony tail, I don't get those annoying fly aways. My hair tends to frizz up when it's humid out, knot itself, and I always get that halo of baby hairs framing my face by the end of the day. I'm not really talented for this kind of stuff, so I probably won't be a hairdresser. I can do pretty things with my friends', but I always have a hard time doing my own (partially because I can't see what I'm doing in the back of my head). Anyways.... this is my "proud hair day", just like the other time when I fishtailed my hair and it didn't look so bad!

J'ai enfin pris du temps pour me coiffer aujourd'hui! N'est-ce pas joli? En fait, c'est pas grave si vous n'aimez pas parce que ça ma pris du temps (j'ai trop de talent, je sais) et en plus, j'aime bien de toute façon. Quand je me fait une queue de cheval, je n'ai pas tous ces cheveux trop courts qui s'échappent de ma coiffure. Mes cheveux ont tendance à boucler quand il fait humide, se nouer et, j'ai toujours un espèce d'halo de petits cheveux qui entourent mon visage à la fin de la journée. Je ne suis pas très douée question coiffure, je ne serais probablement jamais coiffeuse. J'arrive à faire de jolies choses pour mes amies, mais j'ai toujours du mal avec mes propres cheveux (peut-être parce que je n'arrive pas à voir ce qu'il y a derrière ma tête). Bref, aujourd'hui c'est mon jour "belle coiffure", comme l'autre fois où je me suis fait une natte qui n'était pas trop mal!

photos: PAUL


Friday, October 18, 2013

P.lace S.hit A.t T.eens S.ociety (PSAT's)

Hey Ladies and Gents (I really dislike that word "gents" lets go with gentlemen), 
So you may have guessed from the lovely title I am speaking of the PSAT's and standardized testing. So here comes the rant...
(Also I just want to address that if you disagree with me it's awesome I would love to hear your side!! Please just put it nicely in the comments, and know that I am not trying to offend anyone whatsoever!) 

So on Wednesday I got the lovely pleasure of taking the PSAT's (in this cute outfit soon to be blogged about). Now look I'm just going to put it out there that the PSAT's suck ass. Like seriously though. Okay I mean I don't mind taking them, they are good...IF YOU'RE IN THE TOP 1%. What the hell. If you are in that top percent and you get a scholarship holy cows congrats!!! For me...not so much. Now this has absolutely nothing to do with if I like school or not (I actually really love school) I just don't support standardized testing. 
I'm actually very lucky. I attend a school where we don't receive grades, instead when other schools get their report cards we get evaluations. They're sort of the same thing, I mean your parents see them and stuff and if your not doing well you might get in trouble. But the difference is that the teacher will write about a page (for each class) on how you're doing in that class. They mainly base these off your class participation, effort, contribution to the class, and how hard you push yourself. It pretty much is grading you as a person in the class and not on just what appears on the top of your tests. 
So this is awesome in my opinion. The plus sides are you don't have to rely on your tests to show how you are as a student (we don't really have to many tests anyway). But on the other side (which I love but not all people do) is that you do have to work your ass off 24/7 and you have to try and care. 
So how this goes with the PSAT's here we go: they are just judging you on how well you can memorize shit. It's not about how well you can compare presidents and how well they dealt with international matters. It's not about how you can dissect a reading or how you find a new way to set up a physics lab. It's not about the passion you have for music, or how well you can run the track. It's about how well you can sit in a room and fill in correct circles. If your good at that stuff then I am in no means insulting you; holy shit thats amazing for you! I just want to put my opinion out there that if you don't do well - hey it's not the end of the world, I promise. Now if you were doing it to get a scholarship and there's no other way for you to fund for college then fuck I'm really sorry. But don't feel like shit about it. 
The PSAT's are testing you on something you aren't meant to truly do to your brain. Sure most schools teach each class towards doing well on a final test; and you know what I say to that kind of teaching: BULLSHIT. If a teacher is teaching to make you just do a test and then forget it you aren't truly learning the subject. Your temporarily memorizing it. And you know the real thing that sucks? It's that we all are stuck in the cycle that we must learn for a test. That's how schools are taught. It is rare to find that one teacher that will run around the room, jumping for joy to teach you a new equation in math. And it's rare for you to take that equation home and teach yourself a whole new branch of math on your own. Living to learn seems lost. 
So I may not be quite sure where that rant led, but I hope it makes you think or recognize something that maybe you hadn't thought of before :) 

This was my prize when I got home :P 

~Love Miki 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Year Round

Grandmother knit sweater, Target jeans, I-am necklace, Modcloth ring

This sweater can be worn year round. I don't have to wear anything under it during the spring or on chilly summer mornings. In the fall, a light tank top will do. During the winter, a long sleeve thermal shirt will keep me plenty warm. I love the lacy aspect and the softness of the wool. What does your favorite sweater look like?

Ce pull peut traverser toutes les saisons. Je peux ne rien mettre en dessous pour le printemps ou pour un matin d'été. L'automne, j'enfile une petite chemise à bretelles. L'hiver, un haut thermal à manches longues me réchauffe largement. J'aime l'effet dentelé de ce pull et sa laine douillette. À quoi ressemble votre pull préféré?


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Put A Smile On Your Face #4

For a while, I've been meaning to create a Flickr account for myself. I finally did over the weekend! I have 54 photos and one follower... starting strong. I have almost no idea how to use Flickr, I'm just starting out. You guys should all follow me, I promise, more pictures will come.
Depuis assez longtemps, je voulais me créer un compte Flickr. Je l'ai enfin fait ce week end! J'ai 54 photos et une personne qui me suit... ça commence bien. Je n'ai pratiquement aucune idée comment utiliser ce site, je débute seulement. Vous devriez me suivre, je vous promets, il y aura plus de photos.
During my spare time, I cam across this video, done by one of my favorite blogger. I love the quality of the images, the music is great. I don't think I'd be that great at making short films, my eye is more for photography. I also had to say this: Making Magique repined on of my pins on Pinterest... it was exciting!
J'ai trouvé cette vidéo, faite par une de mes blogueuse préférées. J'adore la qualité des images et la musique est belle aussi. Je ne pense pas que je serais très bonne à faire des court-métrages. Mon œil est mieux formé pour la photographie. J'ai aussi besoin de dire que: Making Magique a reposter un de mes "pins" sur Pinterest... c'était super!


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Fall has come, truly. The mornings greet me with fog covered fields and frozen breath. Sweaters have become my best friend and my hands are forever cold. Yes, it is fall, yet again. 

School has begun to take its toll, and the circles under my eyes cease to disappear. Homework takes hours and hours on end and my brain is filled with physics equations and french conjugations. Each morning there is hot chocolate to pull me out of bed, and tea to put me right back in. I'm back in the cycle. The rhythm of fall has finally set in. 

My shorts have been folded along with the swimsuits and sandals. Whenever I run to the beach it greets me with empty shores, and quite waves. The sky has become crystal blue and the leaves are turning red. 

Hello fall; hello. 

(my Beyonce moment of the day) 

Pants: Ralph Lauren
Sweater: H&M
Scarf: H&M



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