Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Put A Smile on Your Face #10

1) Alexander Wang's new SS14 campaign, photographed in what seems to be a public school bathroom. This article's humor asks the question of what exactly is the point of this campaign? You can't even see the clothes, just white shoes peeking from under the stall door.

Cet article parle avec humour de la campagne publicitaire d'Alexander Wang, probablement photographiée dans les toilettes d'un lycée. Grâce à l'article, on se demande quel est le message des pubs. On ne peut même pas voir les vêtements. On aperçoit seulement les chaussures blanches sous les portes.

2) This earring (yes, because there's only one) is beautiful. It reminds me of the in style Turkish eye, the one people mistake for the evil eye. Sadly, this piece of jewelry is too expensive to ask for as a birthday present. For the moment, I'll muse over it since all the chic bloggers wear it to fashion week.

Cette boucle d'oreille (oui, parce qu'il n'y en a qu'une) est magnifique. Elle me rappelle le fameux œil de la Turquie que les gens confondent avec l'œil maléfique. Malheureusement, ce bijou est trop cher pour le demander en cadeau d'anniversaire. Pour le moment, je ne peux que le contempler porté par les maintes bloggeuses chic pendant la semaine de la mode.

3) I'm going to start the 100 Happy Days challenge. I had found a similar idea on Pinterest. You had to write on a little slip of paper something that made you happy each day for a year. At the end of the 365 days, you'd spend a great afternoon opening the jar and rereading each memory. Since I'm lacking small pieces of paper and a big enough jar, I'm trying the electronic version here. I invite all of you to try this healthy challenge with me!

Je vais commencer le défi des 100 jours heureux. J'avais trouvé une idée semblable sur Pinterest. Il fallait écrire sur un bout de papier quelque chose qui nous rendait heureux chaque jour pendant un an. À la fin des 365 jours, on ouvrirait la boîte et relirait tout pour passer un bon moment. Faute de temps pour couper des morceaux de papier et trouver une boîte, je vais essayer une version électronique ici. Je vous invite à relever ce défi moral avec moi!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wake Up Call

Forever 21 blazer, Old Navy sweater, Target jeggings, Marsahlls boots, Walmart snood, Bijou Brigitte ring, gifted bracelets, 
No matter what I do, I don't think I'll ever be a morning person. My pale complexion looks cadaveric if I don't get too much sleep. I go through my day like a zombie if I had to wake up too early. I read this article, crossing my fingers that the next day I'd suddenly be "an early bird". Nothing changed. Do any of you have this problem? I guess it's not really a problem as long as any of my jobs in the near future do not require me to get up at 6am. Why do I have a feeling this isn't realistic? :)

Peu importent mes techniques, je pense que je ne serais jamais une lève tôt. Mon teint assez pâle me rend cadavérique si je suis en manque de sommeil. Je me comporte comme une zombie pendant la journée si je ne suis pas assez reposée. J'ai lu cet article, croisant les doigts que le lendemain je serais transformée. Rien n'a changé. Est-ce que vous avez ce même problème? Je ne crois pas que s'en soit un, du moment que je n'ai pas besoin de me lever à 6heures pour mon travail dans le futur. Pourquoi ai-je l'impression que ce n'est pas réaliste? :)
(photos: PAUL)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Goodbye (snow)

Alright everyone, let's get a little celebration going because this is the last post I am doing with snow in it (amen). So here goes my last winter post!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy :) 

Goodbye by Glenn Morrison (love this song)


Jeans: Levis
Boots: L.L.Bean 
Button up: Gap
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Vest: Nordstrom (don't know which brand...)
Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger

Do I dare mention how long this winter was? All New Englanders will agree with me that it was painful. I never thought February could seem longer. I guess the shortest months move the slowest. But now it's April!!! 
Semi Fun Fact: every spring my neighbors lawn becomes covered in crocuses (small purple flowers, always the first to bloom around here) and it looks like a purple carpet you just want to lie down in and sleep like a princess surrounded by purple velvet. 

It honestly feels like a blessing to have all this snow disappear. I have waited long long weeks for the sun to peak out from behind the gray clouds. Now don't get me wrong, I love winter...that is for the first month, then it gets cold. Like many people I have seasonal depression which means during the winter (or when I get a lack of sunlight for a long period of time) I get unhappy and stressed. Stress leads to frustration, sleepless nights, and bad skin (ugh). The way I attempt to solve this problem is a special lamp called a "Happy Light." It's seriously a light that makes jokes to make you laugh and like tickles you so you become happy. No just kidding - actually a "Happy Lamp" lets off light rays similar to the sun giving your body the illusion that it is outside under the sun. I am not fully sure how it works from a biological sense but I know it works fairly well. The only thing is it is a commitment - 1 to 2 hours in front of it a day, and I'm not so good at that. Anyway I guess the other side to all of that is that when spring finally comes I am extra happy. It can be only 50 degrees out and I seriously will go tan. No joke. The other day it was 53 degrees with no wind and a clear sky and I lay on my porch in shorts and a sports bra reading for 2 hours....it was amazing. Thank god you're here spring I missed you. 

drive safely my darlings


Unkept Promises

Pimkie vest, Promod sweater, H&M cords, Vans shoes, Jennyfer & H&M rings, scarf from market

Please click here to nominate us for the "Best Teen Style Blogger 2014" award. It would mean so much if we could win a second award. Imagine that? It's be all thanks to you wonderful readers, we love you!
Cliquez ici pour nous nominer pour le prix "Best Teen Style Blogger 2014". Ça nous ferait tellement plaisir si on pouvait gagner un deuxième prix. Vous imaginez? Ça serait grâce à vous, nos lectrices favorites, on vous aime! 

Do you remember my post about my new articles? This is the soft sweater from Promod and one of the scarves which is so easy to wrap around. This one holds its shape throughout the day, a big plus for lazy girls at school! I'm starting to appreciate burgundy and wine colors more and more. I find that I can easily pair them with my outfits. Of course, when I was in France, I had promised myself that I wouldn't buy any rings. Unfortunately (not really though), I wasn't able to refrain myself and ended up falling for these ones. The ones on my middle finger and thin and simple. I also like the bigger and more noticeable one, which is still delicate, on my ring finger.

Vous vous souvenez de mon article avec mes nouvelles trouvailles? Voici le pull tout doux de Promod et un des foulards facile à enrouler. Celui-ci tient en place tout au long de la journée, un gros plus pour les feignantes au lycée! Je commence à aimer la couleur vin de plus en plus. Je trouve qu'elle s'assortit facilement à tout. Évidemment, quand j'étais en France, je m'étais promise de ne pas acheter de nouvelles bagues. Malheureusement (pas trop quand même), je n'ai pas pu m'abstenir et j'ai fini pas craquer sur celles-ci. Celles sur mon majeur sont fines et toute simples. J'aime aussi celle sur mon annulaire qui est plus grande et voyante, mais délicate aussi.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

We've just been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the lovely Abby from the Sight of My Life! Thank you for your support Abby. This is the first award we've won since the start of our blog, whoop whoop, let's celebrate!

Here are the rules:
1) Link the person who nominated you
2) List and display the rules
3) Share seven facts about yourself
4) Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know they have been nominated

Seven Facts About Us:

- We go to the same high-school and actually planned out starting this blog during the break from the PSATs
- Miki sings beautifully
- We don't get as much done when photographing outfits since we're too busy laughing at ourselves
- Emma has been dancing since she was four
- We both have mothers who were born overseas
- We sing (loudly, sometimes yell) along in Miki's car driving to photo-shoots
- We took pictures on train tracks recently (posts coming up) which turns out is illegal here!

Nous venons de recevoir le prix du blog très inspirant, " the Very Inspriring Blogger" grâce à Abby du blog Sight of My Life! Merci pour ton soutien, Abby. C'est le premier prix que nous gagnons depuis la création de ce blog, ouais!, on fait la fête!

Voici les règles:
1) Mettez un lien au blog qui vous a nominé
2) Affichez les règles dans votre article
3) Racontez sept détails sur vous
4) Nominez 15 autres blogs et dites leurs qu'ils ont été nominés

Sept détails sur nous:
- Nous allons au même lycée et avons décidé de commencer ce blog pendant la pose du contrôle PSAT
- Miki chante magnifiquement bien
- Nous n'accomplissons pas autant que nous voudrions quand on prend des photos car, nous rions toujours trop
-  Emma danse depuis qu'elle a quatre ans
- Nos mères sont toutes les deux nées à l'étranger
- Nous chatons (à tue-tête, parfois on crie) dans la voiture de Miki en conduisant aux séances de photos
- Nous avons pris des photos sur les voies de chemins de fer (les articles sont pour bientôt), ce qui est apparemment illégal ici!

Our Nominees / nos nominées:
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~Miki & Emma