Thursday, August 21, 2014


Aéropostale dress, Sony headphones, Target necklace & sunglasses, Walmart bracelets, shoes from marché

What's easier than a simple cotton dress and espadrilles? On top of that, wearing your headphones around your neck or on your head is not only trendy but practical. It doubles up as a headband but also allows you to have background music too.
Our family friend's apartment in San Francisco has a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge is engulfed by fog in these pictures. We had two beautiful sun sets, one at our arrival and the other before our departure!

Quoi de plus simple qu'une petite robe en cotton et des espadrilles? En plus, la mode de porter son casque audio autour du cou ou sur la tête est pratique. Ça fait serre-tête en plus de musique de fond.
L'appartement de notre ami de famille à San Francisco a une vue magnifique sur le pont du Golden Gate. Malheureusement, sur ces photos, il est enveloppé dans le brouillard. Nous avons eu deux superbes couchers de soleil, un à notre arrivée et l'autre avant notre départ!

photos: PAUL

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Put A Smile on Your Face #14

Photo: I couldn't stop smiling when I climbed this huge sand dune in Tadoussac, Canada.
Video: The brand Under Armour settles the question, is ballet a sport? YES!! Check out their great ad here.
Link: Monica Lee's beautiful graphite drawings could easily be mistaken for photographs. Please send some talent my way.

Photo: Je n'arrêtais pas de sourire en escaladant cette immense dune de sable à Tadoussac au Canada.
Vidéo: La marque Under Armour répond à la question, est-ce que le ballet est un sport? OUI!! Regardez leur belle campagne de publicité ici.
Lien: On pourrait facilement croire que les beaux dessins en graphite de Monica Lee sont en fait des photographies. S'il te plaît, Monica, donne-moi un peu de ton talent.


Saturday, August 16, 2014


Target shirt, sunglasses & watch, Aerie pants, espadrilles from marché, Amazon backpack, handmade necklace, bracelet from Bali

I made a friend on the Embarcadero.
A big seagull, fed by the tourists.
He wasn't scared of me.
Kindly, he posed for the photos.
A celebrity, I tell you.
And came along a tourist with a pink sweatshirt, matching her gum.
She wanted to him approach too much.
He flew away, leaving a feather behind.

Je me suis fait un ami sur l'Embarcadero.
Un gros oiseau, nourri par les touristes. 
Il n'avait pas peur de moi. 
Gentiment, il a posé pour les photos. 
Une vrai star, je vous dis.
Et vint une touriste au sweatshirt rose, assorti à son chewing-gum.
Elle voulut trop s'en approcher.
Il s'envola, laissant une plume derrière lui.

photos: PAUL

Friday, August 15, 2014

5 Fashion Staples That Should Be In Every Teen's Closet

The lovely people at the Lookbook Store wrote this article for our blog about essential closet musts.
Our personal favorite?

Fashion nowadays is not just a way of life. It's a way of self-expression. So it's no wonder if you see lots of teenagers jumping in the bandwagon. That said, if you're dying to be part of an über-stylish young generation, here are 5 clothing items that, us, teenagers should have in our closets.

1. Form-Fitting Jeans

They go with almost any top and shoe, so buying at least a pair is a really good investment. Not only that, a lot of them are very durable. So spending on several bucks for a pair or two can go a long way. What's more? They can be worn all throughout the year, which means you'll always be in style whether it's in the middle of spring or in the dead of winter.

2. Gorgeous LBD
You can never go wrong with a little black dress. It's just timeless and classic so you'll always look great in one, whether you're wearing it to a school dance or to your cousin's wedding. Plus, an LBD is sophisticated on its own, so if you don't want to accessorize, that's fine. You'll still look gorgeous.

3. Stylish Winter Coat
When it's cold, we tend to bundle up, right? While that's smart if you want to keep frostbites at bay, layers of clothing can be unflattering. So to keep yourself warm, be sure to invest on a trendy, stylish coat. Even if you're all bundled up, you can still turn heads with a very attractive jacket, like this oversized blue blazer.

4. Stunning LWD

Just the like the LBD, a little white dress is also a must-have in your closet. Although white symbolizes innocence, it's also flirtatious in a fun way. So if you want to look great even in a casual activity, like a lunch date with your crush or a hangout with your BFFs, be sure to have a little white  dress in your closet.

5. Lovely Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is like a pair of sweatpants. It's comfy and can be worn to almost any outdoor outing, be it to camping or to school. So if you don't have one in your closet yet, shop for one. Better yet, try a magic maxi dress, like the photo above. With that, you can style in different ways, so you don't wear the same thing over and over again. It's worth the investment, you'll see!

And there you have the 5 staples. These are very versatile pieces and be worn all throughout the year in different styles. So go ahead and check your closet. If you're missing one or two pieces, be sure to shop for them as soon as you can.

* Désolé, il n'y a pas de traduction en français pour cet article car Emma ne l'a pas écrit.

~ Emma & Miki

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Waiting for the Bus

Delia's shirt, Aerie pants, Target watch, sunglasses & necklace, bracelets from Bali, espadrilles from marché

We dashed over to this street in between hopping on the bus and going to see the Painted Ladies.
I'm sorry to say that this is not the end of these pants. I have consecutively worn them our entire week in San Francisco. Since our month long California trip is mostly in places with a warm climate, we didn't pack jeans and extra layers. It's been these pants, cycling the few t-shirts I brought and my green hoodie. 
On repeat. 
And Over. 
And Over. 

Nous avons couru dans cette rue en attendant le bus pour aller voir les "Painted Ladies".
Je suis désolée, mais ce n'est pas la dernière fois que vous allez voir ce pantalon. Je l'ai porté une semaine consécutive pendant notre séjour bien frais à San Francisco. Puisque notre voyage en Californie dure un mois dans des climats chauds, nous n'avions pas prévus de jeans ni de petites laines pour San Francisco. J'ai porté ce pantalon et je l'ai assorti à tous les t-shirts possibles.
Tous les jours.
Et encore.
Et encore.
Sans faute.

photos: PAUL