Thursday, March 13, 2014

Floats Away with the Wind

Pimkie vest, Pacsun Outlet skirt, Madden Girl boots, Lands End shirt, Meg Erickson bag, Dim tights, Swatch watch, vintage sunnies

Do you like the sign that's sticking out of my head in this picture? :)
The weather is so nice in Paris that it practically feels like the perfect spring. The only problem I had today, while wearing this beautiful skirt, was the wind. Every time I climbed up metro station staircases, I'd hold a corner of my skirt for fear of it gracelessly lifting itself up. I hope that wherever you are, the sky is as blue and the weather is just as sunny. 

Est-ce que vous aimez le panneau qui me sort de la tête dans cette photo? :) 
Il fait super bon à Paris. C'est vraiment le printemps parfait. Le seule problème que j'avais aujourd'hui en portant cette belle jupe c'était le vent. Chaque fois que je montais les escaliers du métro, je devais faire bien attention de tenir le bas de ma jupe de peur quelle ne remonte disgracieusement! J'espère que, où que vous soyez, il fait aussi beau qu'ici avec un magnifique ciel bleu!

(photos: PAUL)


  1. I had a similar skirt on a few days ago and it blew up ALL THE TIME. But I only noticed that my butt is showing 5 steps before I got home.:D That's why I hate wearing skirts in public!! But then again, why would you wear them only around the house??:) And hooray for the frigging sun! It's been sunny here for the past few days too and I sure hope it stays this way.

    Anyhow, I just had to come and tell that I've disabled comments for this week. I was going through some shit and I didn't think it would be fair if people took the time to comment on my blog but I wouldn't be able to return the favor. And I literally wasn't able to because I was a bit of a mess.:) So sorry for the confusion, all is fine with your Internet (as far as I can tell at least:D). And thanks for being so thoughtful that you actually wrote to me about it!! Apparently potatoes, dolphins AND some humans are cool.;)

  2. AAANNNWW elle est trop belle ta jupe et elle te va trop bien, j'adore son imprimé!! Les photos sont sympas xx, Jade :)

  3. you look beautiful dear, love the jacket !

  4. lovely ootd :)

  5. Love the jacket! Nice outfit!

  6. Wonderful outfit, this skirt is sooo pretty. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa <333

  7. wow gorgeous clothes, i like the street fashion xx

    hope we can follow each other :D
    Please follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    If you’d like, I’ll follow you back :) Bloggers should support each other x

  8. Très joli look ! J'adore ta jupe =)


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