Friday, April 4, 2014

The Pattern Boosted Vaccine

Chater Club sweater, Target shirt, Olive Clothing skirt, Luxe tights, Marshalls boots, H&M and Itsybitsy rings, gifted scarf, CVS headband
These are some old pictures {because the snow has been replaced :) by rain :( } from before the beautiful Parisian weather. It was the time of fleece lined tights, chunky sweaters and pull-overs, of undershirts, gloves and of scarves. Nevertheless, I like my association of horizontal stripes and polka dot and flower scarf. It reminds me of my Mini Boden childhood, looking like the Fraise Tagada candies by Haribo in a pool of multicolored polkadots and stripes. Anyways, I wore looks high in color as if someone had given me a shot sending rainbows and patterns flowing through my veins and into my closet (ex: hot pink zebra print pants from Mini Boden (yes, actually), brown boots and a sweater made by my grandmother)! I'm playing with shades of grey so there's not much color, the patterns that make my look original.

Ce sont des photos qui datent d'avant le beau temps parisien {parce que la neige a été remplacée :) par la pluie :( } . C'était l'époque des collants doublés de polaire, des gros pulls et gilets, des sous t-shirts, gants et écharpes. N'empêche, j'aime bien mon association de rayures horizontales et foulard à pois et à fleurs. Ça me rappelle mon enfance Mini Boden, ressemblant à une fraise Tagada au beau milieu de pois et rayures multicolores. Bref, je portais des looks aux couleurs bien vitaminées (ex: pantalon zébré fuchsia de Mini Boden (si si), bottes marrons et un pull mamie)! Maintenant je joue sur des nuances de gris, donc il n'y a pas beaucoup de couleur, mais c'est les motifs qui sortent un peu de l'ordinaire.
(photos: PAUL)


  1. love ur sweater and skirt... overall so cute outfit,dear... so stylish...

  2. That is a beautiful scarf! Great look! Please visit my blog if you get a chance!


  3. Thank you for following! I followed back!


  4. great scarft :D


  5. Beautiful !
    I love the skirt
    Kisses from

  6. Nice outfit!
    Just thought I'd let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!
    You can check out my post here.

  7. Very sweet look! Love it!

  8. Seeing snow after those Parisian sunny flowery shots is a bit shocking.:D Thank God these are old pictures! Ok, rain isn't my favorite, but I'm sure it's better than snow, right? And I was crazy for colors and patterns as a kid too, I still am actually.:) In a way I'm like a 7-yearold trapped in a body of a 27-yearold.:D Anyhow, I really like the mixing of prints, dear, it's definitely a fun look!

    P.S.: I hope the rain stopped...

  9. OOUUUHH j'adore ton petit foulard coloré avec ces petits pois c'est trop mimi!!!Très joli look!!


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