Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Warby Parker Home Try-On Program

A couple of weeks ago, the brand Warby Parker asked us to test their new Spring 2014 collection with their  Home Try-On program

The concept: Choose five pairs of glasses from their multitude of choices. They'll send them for free in a pretty little box to your address under five business days. You have five days to test, approve and pick whichever pair you like best.

The Home Try-On program was simple. We hopped on the Warby Parker website, chose our glasses and received them on the doorstep two days later. The packaging was well clean and professional.

We had the greatest time opening the box with such a cute design!
Nous avons adoré ouvrir la boîte au design très sympa!

(Top to bottom / de haut en bas)
Il y a quelques semaines, la marque de lunettes Warby Parker nous a contactées pour nous proposer de tester leur nouvelle collection Printemps 2014 avec leur programme "Home Try-On". 

Le concept: Sélectionnez cinq paires de lunettes parmi la multitude proposées sur leur site. Warby Parker vous enverra à domicile et gratuitement les produits choisis dans une jolie boîte en à peu près cinq jours. Vous aurez cinq jours pour tester, approuver et choisir la paire que vous préférez.

Le programme "Home Try-On" était simple. Nous sommes allées sur le site web Warby Parker, avons choisi nos lunettes favorites et deux jours plus tard, elles nous attendaient sur le seuil de la porte. L'emballage était net et professionnel.

The three pairs of sunglasses were each elegant and a good fit. They were great protection from sunlight and did not clench the side of our face. In short, they looked and felt good.

Les trois paires de lunettes de soleil étaient toutes élégantes et bien dessinées. Elles protégeaient bien du soleil, ne serraient pas la tête. Bref, elles nous allaient bien.

"Warby Parkeris engraved into the inside of the frame creating a discrete look. The eyeglasses have a scholarly feel and flatter all face shapes. We found you a great guide for picking the right frames for your face here.

La marque "Warby Parker" est écrite à l'intérieur d'une des branches, garantie d'un look discret. Les lunettes vous donnent un air d'écolier et vont à toutes formes de visages. En plus, on vous a déniché un bon guide pour trouver des lunettes qui se marient bien avec votre type de visage ici.

There will be a few more outfit posts to come involving these glasses! We both want to thank the company for contacting us! We recommend Warby Parker if you're looking for glasses or sunglasses. We guarantee you will find the ideal pair :) Let us know!

Il y aura quelques autres billets de nos looks avec ces lunettes! Nous voulons remercier la compagnie de nous avoir contactées. On vous recommande toutes les deux Warby Parker que vous cherchiez des lunettes de vue ou de soleil. On vous garantit que vous trouverez la paire  idéale :) Tenez-nous au courant! 

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~Miki & Emma


  1. This is so amazing! I would love to try out some Warby Parkers. What a cool idea. Y'all chose some really great options, too!


  2. I love this idea! I'll have to give Warby Parker a try when I'm shopping for my next pair of fab spectacles. The Ellison/Marble Sandstone are my favorite of the bunch. I wonder if they carry any jewel tone frames... looks like I need to take a peek at the shop.
    L A

    1. Definitely check them out, they have a few frames which are awesome jewel tones!

  3. Nice glasses, awesome photos, girls!

    xx ML EDITOR


    follow us and send your fashion view(article)

  4. Wow, stunning sunnies. *__*
    Can you vote for me... Vote for my outfit
    Lovely greets Nessa

  5. loveeee!!!

  6. These glasses are super cute! And the photos are beautiful. I like the 3rd ones, Ellison. The color is nice and I like that the plastic is only over the lens and not below.
    Great post :)
    - Valerie

    1. Those are my favs as well! Yeah the plastic only on the lens is nice

  7. Very interesting concept! I'd certainly choose a shop that offers home try-ons over one that does not, because picking frames is so damn difficult for me. Also, really loive the photos you made!


    1. Exactly! And then you'll know you really want them because you get a chance to try em on!

  8. You took the most adorable pictures ever!! I love those on the wooden boards and on the volleyball net! And I can't believe how great the glasses were packed. I'm usually afraid to order any glasses online since I think they'll break but there's no worry here. Congrats on the collaboration, girls.;)

    1. Aww thank you!
      Their shipping was so great and packaging was safe, I was worried about it as well!

  9. Génial le concept, j'aime beaucoup vos petites photos avec une jolie mise en scène, vous me donnez envie d'aller découvrir la marque de plus près, moi qui cherchais LA paire de lunette idéale pour protéger mes petits yeux du soleil :)
    Merci pour ces jolies photos et cette découverte!!
    Salut mes belles, Jade

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  11. You took an amazing pictures! My favorite one is the one with the lightest frame.

    A chic kiss from

  12. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  13. Beautiful photos! Gorgeous sunglasses!

  14. gorgeous glasses!

    if you would like to follow each other on fb let me know:)

  15. What a great idea :)) I like every single pair :D

    Would you like to follow each other? I followed! ; )


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