Friday, January 4, 2013

Post New Year Resolution

Hello Everyone! 
First off I have been gone for a while so apologies :) 
Second: HAPPY BELATED 2013!
I thought I would share three of my new years resolutions with you all! I really do try to keep my resolutions but they usually do not last...sadly. So this year I came up with a few more realistic resolutions. 
1) Go on a half sugar cleanse. I love sugar; a lot. So I've decided to go on half a sugar cleanse. A full sugar cleanse would be to totally abandon all forms of sugar except fruit but I think if I were to try that I may never keep to it. So I have made my own rules. I cannot eat sweets such as: candy, cake, cookies etc. But I can have: fruits, syrup, sugar in small amounts such as in my morning smoothies. Let's hope I keep to this!
2) Exercise at least 10 hours a week. This may seem like a lot but spread it out! Since I play basketball for two hours four times a week it helps a lot! 
3) Post more on this blog!!! And I think I will also do a WEEKLY QUOTE (I have so many quotes that I love and I would love to share) 


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