Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flo Rida in Florida!

Okay everyone I am back from the ol' sunshine state and ready to blog away! So here is my overall view of my trip and what I did (there will be more detailed ones to come). 

I had an extremely good time in florida! Wanna have a good time reading this; listen to the song above (see what I did there? Sorry that was painful)
First off places I went: GoKart Racing (Orlando Grand Prix); Universal Studios; and Lego Land!

So I adore legos always have always will and I have been to Lego Land in Denmark so this time round felt more casual as well as the park has more rides rather than more Lego displays. The park overall is a great place! It has tons of rides for smaller children and rides perfect for ages under 12. To buy tickets or information go to  

Upper Left: NYC out of Legos 
Above: "Legowood"
Bottom Left: Lego Baby
Center Bottom: Just hittin' up the lego boys
Bottom Left: Yes I danced with Lego Darth Mar 

Orlando Grand Prix:
So ever since I was a fairly young kid I loved race car driving and drag racing and when I heard I was going to be going to Orlando Grand Prix I flipped out. That was probably the closest I got to going actual racing. The GoKarts go 55mph for adults and I believe 40 mph for the kid racers. It is an indoor racing track and is extremely fun if you like to go fast! My best score for a lap was 30.39! So if you've been there let me know what your best score is in the comments below :) 
Their sight is right here and the prices are really good so I would definitely recommend it! 

Left: My brother racing
Right: #1!

Universal Studios:
If you guys have read my Miki! page you would know I am obsessed with Harry Potter. And this is how the story begins about me crying in a theme park. So my family and I went to Universal Studios and in the park there is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And I spent the whole day there, at times by myself because my family got tired of being there so long with me (I was there for 9 hours, yup 9). 
So since I'm quite a lover of Harry Potter I'm going to have to say The Wizarding World of Harry Potter IS AMAZING! The rest of the park contains Avengers, Dr. Suess, Comic, and a few other theme parks. The whole place in itself is great there are things for everyone to do including adults and teens. It has a great atmosphere and the rides are great.

Spider Man 

Iron Man

Yes I am also a huge Avengers fan :P 

Honeydukes Candy Shop

Hermiones Yule Ball Gown

Butterbeer!! its so good!

Yes I'm a slytherin ;)

Hogwarts <3

hehe wizards 

I love you all and more posts are to come about my trip!


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