Monday, December 17, 2012

Wish List #1

Okay my little fashionistas I know I have said I would post a wish list but here it finally is!!!
So Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I get to see my extended family and just be with the people I love but also yes we must not forget: presents!
I am wish for so many things I can't keep track of them all so here are a few for starters :)

First off the sort of new Lady Gaga perfume. I am quite a fan of her and when I was at the mall the other day I got to try it and I fell in love with the smell. You can buy this at any Macy's or perfume shop for I believe $75. It is a more expensive gift but you can also get the small role on for just $25 I believe.

This dress I found on Modcloth, it is called "Mind on my Monet Dress". It's $93 and would be perfect for days I spend in the city going to museums or concerts. 

I went to see skyfall not long ago and love love love the movie and I adore the song Adele sung for the soundtrack so when I saw these nail polishes I fell head over heels. Their colors are deep get bright as well and they have a very theatrical look to them which I love.
I think cloth bracelets are the cutest and go with anything and everything. Just a simple leather one with a few beads or charms is adorable. You can find them anywhere: Forever 21, Polyvore, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, H&M

As you may know I am obsessed with Harry Potter and I am also in need of a new iPhone case so both of these are from the Warner Brothers website but ANY kind of iPhone case is always a cute and easy gift for someone, you can also get some that you can make yourself! 

So here are just a few things I want (believe me only a few) but I will have more lists to come as well as ideas of things to do for your friends and family ;)

If you have any idea or thought lemme know and I'll check them out!


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