Thursday, December 20, 2012

Touch of Red in a Navy Sea

Alright fellow fashionistas,
It has taken me much to long to post this so I apologize but here is an outfit perfect for a cooler day that you just want to look cute yet keep neutral. Now since I'm wearing all dark colors I felt it was necessary to add the scarf for a touch of color. Don't be afraid to play with bright colors when you have a dark or neutral outfit, it makes the outfit even more spectacular. When finding a color try to first find the complementary color and go from there. The complementary color of blue is orange but since I was also wearing gray (the skirt) I used a red color accent. For a more neutral brown color try blues. For black try any color! Experiment a little fun can never hurt :) 

The scarf was scavenged from Emma's closet (aka I have no idea what store)
The navy shirt- H&M 
Flare skirt- H&M (It was in one of their older collections but they have variations) 
Tights - Macy's 
Watch - Wenger


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