Saturday, December 29, 2012

Maybe My Favorite Holiday

Maybe My Favorite Holiday {a short writing piece on New Years by Miki} 

My toes curl over the edge of the chair. My eyelids flutter with the weight of sleep weighing them down. Quickly I reopen them not wanting to miss that moment. The one moment when everything goes quiet. When everyone leaves something behind. When it is time to start anew. That moment when the clock strikes twelve, the ball hits the ground, and a new year begins. 
“Nineteen, eighteen,” I hear people begin to chant. Time slows as I think back on this year. 
“Seventeen, sixteen,” The champagne and wine glasses clutter the table, blocking the view of the screen with the sparkling ball. 
“Fifteen, fourteen,” People chatter between the numbers holding on to bits of their past. Lie to ourselves that our problems go away when we pass through the changing of dates. They don’t really; it’s just that night. When you drink to much champagne and your brain gets all fuzzy. You forget.
“Thirteen, twelve,” I glance around the room. Everyone stands on a chair. About thirty people total, I estimate. 
“Eleven, Ten,” Where are the time machines when you need them? All those problems I could go back and fix.
“Nine, eight,” slipped from my mouth. People were getting anxious. Their faces clearly expressing their want to leave this year behind. Slip into the next year.
“Seven, six,” I always loved this holiday you could say. I like to forget my mistakes and move on and I take New Years as an excuse to forget. But really it isn't; just like you don't feel older the day after your birthday nothing changes between 11:59 and 12.
“Five, four,” I look around thinking about our tradition. In New York City people watch the ball drop, and when that moment comes there is a kiss and a hug for everyone. We jump into the New Year. Standing on a chair, and when the clock strikes we jump. Leaving the past in the air and greeting the present on the ground. 
“Three, two,” I guess that’s why its my favorite holiday. Its chaotic, and filled with the future. But now that I think about it maybe it’s not that amazing of a holiday. Maybe people make it great because they want to forget. I want to leave the past as history, leave my mistakes and faults, forget. What about the good memories, the fun times, the beautiful things this year? Yes, I want to forget, I want others to forget, and maybe New Year's Eve isn’t my favorite holiday after all. 
“One.” The ball drops and I forget.

The new year is approaching, don't forget.


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