Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

Hey everyone so here are some ideas to base your New Years Eve outfit on. First off a few things that make a New Years Eve outfit: sparkles; bright colors; black with a neon accent; flashy colors or material; SPARKLES! New Years Eve gives you an excuse for so many things: wearing crazy clothing; going to crazy parties; and kissing people :P
So go all out don't hold back you only have this last night of 2012!
Some outfit ideas:
-Sparkly shorts/skirt with a plainer shirt and heels
-Plain dress with a ton of big jewelry and heels
-A long formal dress with a lot of detail can work perfectly by itself
Some essentials (or things that could help add to your outfit):
-Sparkly nails
-Big Jewelry
-All out makeup (a post to come)



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