Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Perfect New Years Party

New Years is literally right around the corner! Are you planning on attending a party or even are you hosting one??? Here are some small tips to help your party get that end of the year feel ;)

First off Champagne! (This is only if you are of legal age!) If you are of age this is the perfect New Years Eve drink for all adults and is a timeless classic. For younger people try having Champagne glasses with sparkling cider or some type of more classy juice (when it comes in the glass bottles and is bubbly it is much better and gives the drink and sophisticated champagne feel)

 While we're on drinks try making a punch and adding cute stars or sparklers to the drink is always a cute and fun touch

Now New Years is very much centered around time of course. So if you have many clocks try bringing them all out (whether they work or not) and set them up around your house or the space you will be in. If you have enough money and time a cute thing is to give each guest a watch so they can count down the hours/minutes/seconds. Make sure that all your clocks are set on the same time and if they don't work a great thing to do is set them to 11:59 just for fun! 

Along with the idea of clocks incorporate them into your food. The cupcake design on the right is a bit more intricate for an experienced chef or if your someone who is ready to take on the challenge. The idea of the right is a bit more simple. Just cut out circles of white craft paper and small strips of black paper. Glue two black "hands" onto the white circle add a gem to the middle and glue a wooden toothpick to the back to stick into the cupcake! 

Another quite simple yet creative dessert choice is an oreo cake. If you have tons of oreos just stack them into a cake form for a more "formal cake look" you could say :P 

Also design a small card to add to glasses or give to people as a fun gift! Just make it on the computer or get it online and then just print a bunch out!

What is a New Years Eve without sparklers?? Get them at a craft/party/grocery store near you for some small fun close up fireworks! 

Voila I hope these small tips helped :) 
I will also be putting up some ideas for what to wear! I'll keep you all posted 


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