Thursday, December 27, 2012

Colored Hair

Dyed hair is a perfect way to spice up your wardrobe (permanently or semi-permanently). If you feel daring and are ready for a change there is no harm in trying it out. Last summer I dyed parts of my hair purple, it was semi-permanant and came out within three weeks. Today I went and had the ends of my hair dyed permanent red. I absolutely love it, and I will post photos later tonight!
Now the one thing to be careful about is where you get it dyed. NEVER DYE YOUR OWN HAIR. Also having a friend do it isn't always the greatest idea. Even though it may be cheaper and fun to do with a friend believe me the outcomes are noticeably different (and not as good) as if you were to get it done at a salon. There are many places that will do it fairly cheap and you can always trust that it will be done well.

Now if you are a bit worried about dying your hair let me just tell you: hair is hair, it grows back and it can be cut off. If you're a person who is very "attached" to your hair and you don't want to risk dying it then don't; but if you're ready for a change then go for it! 
Here are just a few photos of hair I love and will someday have done to my hair :) 

Here is my hair when I dyed parts of it purple last summer :P 

 Pastel Hair - absolutely gorgeous in my mind, this is probably the most daring kind of hair you could do. Pastel colors are perfect for people with paler skin (if you're quite tan/olive/dark skinned I would not recommend pastel colors). Now if you are to do pastel colors you have to bleach your hair (unless your platinum blond or an extremely light blond). The problem with bleaching your hair is that it "kills" your hair and can damage it. Now if you are going to bleach your hair talk to your hairdresser and they can give you the full rundown on bleaching your hair. If you love pastel hair (like I do) go for it!!

 Red Hair - This is a bit like what I have now (I only have my ends red). I adore red hair, it's fiery daring and can be quite sweet. If you have lighter hair you can just dye it if you have darker hair you may have to bleach your hair first.

Highlights and Fun with Blond Hair - Many people love highlights (I don't really) so here are two variations with lighter hair. The left picture the girl had died her whole head blond and as it grew out she got roots but now it actually looks really cool. Dying the end of your hair is really fun easy and if you hate it you can just cut it right off. The second picture on the right the girl dyed the undersides of her hair blond (after bleaching). This is a great look because as it grows out you won't see the roots and it gives your hair a peekaboo feel. 

 Daring Hair - Purple: one of my favorite colors and so fun for hair. If you want to stand out and not bleach you hair (as long as your hair isn't dark you won't have to bleach it) go for a purple or blue or black! Experiment, ask your hairdresser what they suggest, they always know what will look good don't be afraid to talk to them!

So these have been just a few ideas I hope they help and inspire you!
I will post the pictures of my new hair later :)


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