Friday, December 21, 2012

Simple Gifts

So here are some cute simple idea for small gifts to buy for your friends that won't break your budget! 

So this cute keychain is perfect for a humorous gift! ( $2.95)

Kate Spade bracelets are classy and perfect for a fashionista friend (

Essie nail polish is always my perfect go to gift, view all their amazing colors at ($8)

Throw pillows are always cute and if you know your friends bedroom style a small pillow can never be the wrong gift. This one I found on but their easy to find almost anywhere.

Do you have a friend who loves to travel? Check out it has the best and cutest travel accessories!! This particular pouch is called "Let's Get High" and it's only $16.

Headphones are always a great gift at least for someone like me who always seems to break or loose their headphones :) These ones I found on for $40 which may be expensive but check or for cheaper cute headphones. 

Now I adore iPhone cases and this one may I just say is adorable. This one I found on

As the days get colder I know we don't like to say it but socks are actually a great gift. These socks I found at American Eagle for $6.95 (and their really soft and comfy trust me) 

I dare you to get these for you and your friend. Their such warm and sweet hats. You can get them at Target for $30 

These are just some ideas, I will post more tomorrow :) 


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