Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Hottest Day

Marshalls dress, Franco Sarto sandals, Choies sunglasses, Sterling Silver necklace, vintage bag, rings from markets, Lokai bracelet, Bernard Forever tattoo

This is a classic heatwave look: dress and sandals. My family and I finally arrived in Paris. We were taken aback by the hot weather. When it's 100°F, I dream of just one thing: locking myself in a room with AC, a pool, a magazine and a glass of lemonade. I still haven't found that ideal room. What are your tips to stay fresh under extreme heat?

P.S Happy fourth of July for my American readers!

Voici un look classique canicule: robe et sandalettes. Je suis enfin arrivée à Paris avec ma famille. Nous avons été abattus par la vague de chaleur. Quand il fait 38°C, je n'ai qu'une envie: rester enfermée dans une piece climatisée avec piscine, magazine et limonade. Je n'ai pas encore trouvé ce lieu de rêve. Que faites vous pour combattre la chaleur atroce? 

photos: PAUL


  1. You look amazing! Love this look x

  2. My only tip to stay fresh in hot days is drink a lot of water and stay hidrated!
    Girl, i'm wearing the same glasses in my new post! hahaha, you look stunning!

  3. Love love love! Your dress and sunglasses are seriously amazing! I'm not a big fan of the heat either, it makes me cranky! I drink tons of ice water and eat lots of fruit to stay cool and hydrated :)

    xx, Ashleigh Jean

  4. Un robe très travaillée, j'aime beaucoup. Mais le coup de cœur va aux lunettes et aux chaussures !


  5. A nice cold ice tea with some macarons is always lovely in a hot summers day in Paris. The sunglasses give an edge to the whole look! Love the outfit <3

  6. Love this outfit! The dress is so cute! Plus the sandals are absolutely gorgeous. xx


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