Tuesday, August 22, 2017

#TalkYourWalk So Quit Phubbing!

I got wonderful comments about my digital detox article here which makes me hope you'll like this post too. Do you remember my Instagram post when Standfor sent me a symbolic shoe with the blog's logo in it as a thank you? They make vegan shoes with positive messages to change the world. Their second collection, Quit Phubbing, is raising awareness about the use of our phones, even during conversations.

About a year ago, I came across a series of photos called "Removed," by Eric Pickersgill, who removes phones from his subject's hands before taking the shot. The one of a couple in bed, back to back, holding the empty air from their phones, shocked me. I promised myself I would never resemble them. I therefore monitor my technological consumption. I'll do a detox if necessary, minimizing my screen time and most importantly, when with friends and family, I try not to use my phone too much.

I grew up in a family where phones were not allowed at the dinner table or during conversations. It's easier for me to pay attention to people and not my phone because of that rule, but a little reminder, like these Standfor shoes, never hurts. Each time I slip them on or see them in my closet, I'm mindful about my phone usage. Since the soles of these sneakers are extremely comfortable, I wear them often and thus am more conscious of my habits regarding technology. What do you use to remind yourself to be in the moment? Do you have any trouble letting go of your phone?

J'ai eu de merveilleux retours sur mon article de digital detox ici qui me fait espérer que cet article-ci vous plaira. Vous vous souvenez peut-être de mon post Instagram, quand Standfor m'avait envoyé une chaussure symbolique avec le logo du blog inscrit à l'intérieur comme remerciement? La marque fabrique des chaussures vegan aux messages positifs destinés à changer le monde. Leur deuxième collection, Quit Phubbing, sensibilise les personnes accros à leur portable, même pendant une conversation. 

Il y a un an, je suis tombée sur la série de photos, "Removed", d'Eric Pickersgill, qui enlève les téléphones des mains des personnes avant de les photographier. La photo d'un couple au lit, dos à dos, les mains tenant l'espace vide de leurs téléphones, m'avait vraiment marquée. Je me suis promise de ne jamais leur ressembler. Du coup, je fais attention à ma consommation de technologie. Au besoin, je fais des detox, en minimisant mon temps d'écran et surtout, quand je suis avec des amis ou de la famille, j'essaie de ne pas utiliser trop mon portable. 

J'ai grandi dans une maison où les téléphones à table ou pendant des conversations étaient strictement interdits et le sont toujours. Il m'est donc plus facile de faire attention aux gens qu'à mon téléphone, mais un petit rappel, comme celui des chaussures Standfor, ne fait pas de mal. Chaque fois que je les enfile, où les vois dans mon placard, je fais attention à l'utilisation de mon téléphone. Comme les semelles de ces baskets sont divinement confortables, je les porte très souvent et suis plus consciente de mes habitudes par rapport à mon portable. Qu'utilisez-vous pour vous rappeler d'être dans le moment? Avez-vous des difficultés à lâcher votre téléphone?

 Marshalls dress, Rag Vintage sunglasses, Mon Petit Poids necklace, Standfor shoes*

 photos: PAUL 


  1. i know the 'removed' series. the photos are quite disturbing and show the destructive powers of smartphones onto our daily relationships. i didn't know what phubbing meant, i had to google it. but it's definitely a sort of behaviour visible in many places you daily go and i don't like it. a friend of mine does that too and i believe her to be a real smartphone-junkie. if it was declared an illness she definitely would suffer from this.

    i like your sunnies!


    1. I honestly think it could become an illness because it's so prominent in our lives. I know a fair amount of people who do it and don't realize, which I think is the saddest part.

  2. I hate when I'm with a group of people and that one person is just on their phone the entire time! I've definitely been guilty too, but I've been working to be more mindful recently. Deleting the instagram app off my phone and just re-downloading to post has definitely been a huge help!

    New England Gothic

    1. My friend also deletes IG every week and it really helps her. Do you do it for other apps?

  3. J'adore ce look, tes lunettes sont trop cool !



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