Monday, August 14, 2017


For me, summer in the Loire-et-Cher is synonymous with carefreeness. I wrote many articles on my wellness in the countryside these past summers. There's something in the air that forces you to relax and move slower. I'm practicing my new passion, yoga, during the afternoon or morning, whenever I want as long as it's daily. I read, write and go for bike rides. I'm trying to soak in these last couple of days in France before heading back to the United States!

L'été dans le Loir-et-Cher est synonyme d'insouciance pour moi. Je vous ai écrit des articles sur mon bien être à la campagne les étés précédents. Il y a quelque chose dans l'air qui repose instantanément et vous force à bouger plus doucement. Je pratique ma nouvelle passion, le yoga, l'après-midi ou le matin, quand ça me tente, du moment que ce soit chaque jour. Je lis, j'écris et je fais des balades à vélo. Avec seulement quelques jours me restant en France, j'en profite au maximum avant de retourner aux États-Unis pour la rentrée!

Thrifted hat and shirt, Mango shorts, Marhsalls shoes, L.A. Hearts sunglasses

 photos: PAUL 


  1. that sun bonnet is lovely!


  2. Emma I totally just stalked all your summer country posts!! Looks so beautiful, what I would give to spend summer in France!!

    1. Hey hey hey Diana, that's what I like to hear. Glad you went back a couple years :) It's so nice having family here.

  3. You picked out lovely outfits. You look pretty wearing this thrifted hat and shirt. Enjoy all the life like this way. Thank you so much for sharing awesome post.


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