Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lifestyle: 6 Podcasts To Listen To

1) Transfert (FR)
Perfect for those who enjoy some gossip, funny stories or anecdotes. I like listening to this podcast when I’m washing the dishes and making my lunch for the next day since the episodes are quite short.

2) Riviera Detente (FR)
This podcast is has little hint of summer each time you listen to an episode. You’re always relaxed after listening to one, as if you had just had coffee with a friend. 

3) Generation XX (FR)
THE podcast for female entrepreneurs who want to “meet” similar women. This podcast is for passionate and creative women of all ages.

4) La Poudre (FR)
Lauren Bastide receives her female interviewees in an intimate setting for each episode. They discuss topics like careers, memories etc. 

5) Stuff You Should Know (EN)
Answers to all of the questions you had or even didn’t know you had. These are fun mini history lessons which are sometimes funny. 

6) Pardon My French (EN)
A conversation around the dinner table type podcast where there are no taboos. 

1) Transfert (FR)
Parfait pour les gens qui aiment les commérages, les petites histoires drôles et toutes sortes d’anecdotes. J’aime écouter ce podcast quand je lave la vaisselle et prépare mon déjeuner du lendemain, car les épisodes sont assez courts. 

2) Riviera Détente (FR)
Une petite touche estivale peut importe la saison à laquelle vous écoutez ces épisodes. Vous êtes vraiment détendus à la fin de chaque podcast, comme si vous preniez un café avec un ami. 

3) Génération XX (FR)
LE podcast pour les femmes entrepreneuses qui veulent “rencontrer” d’autres semblables. Celui-ci est pour les passionnées et les créatives de tout âge.

4) La Poudre (FR)
Dans un univers intime, Lauren Bastide reçoit une nouvelle femme dans chaque épisode. Elles discutent de leur carrière, des souvenirs etc.  

5) Stuff You Should Know (EN)
Des réponses à toutes les questions que vous avez-pu vous poser ou pas. Des leçons d’histoires ludiques et parfois drôles. 

6) Pardon My French (EN)

Un podcast style conversation à table, mais où il n’y a aucun tabou. 

 photo: ME


  1. I haven't listened to podcasts in a long time. I may just get back to it, thanks for sharing those podcasts!

  2. These are such great recommendations! I love listening to podcasts but I never knew about the ones you mentioned. My fav podcast is called POP fashion and it's about fashion news!

  3. I admittedly haven't listened to any podcasts, though I've been tempted to listen to a few of the podcasts that YouTubers have been putting out (not all of them though, of course hahaha). The Stuff You Should Know podcast sounds super interesting though, especially with the history aspect. There's nothing wrong with learning some new stuff! Thanks for sharing this list, Emma!

    1. Stuff You Should Know is quirky and nerdy yet fun. It's a nice change from some fashion podcasts I used to listen to that just weren't good enough! Hope you find some good podcasts to listen to, Francesca!


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