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How To: Prep Skin for Winter

How to Prep Skin for Winter

Protect your lips and hands. Don't forget the wonders of lip balms nor that of Vaseline. Cover your lips in Vaseline, at night, to wake up with fresh, soft lips instead of chapped ones. Hands are often subject to rough winds and drastic temperatures. To sooth and protect damaged hands, slather on Vaseline and slip on cotton gloves. During the night, your hands will have time to absorb all the moisture needed to revive cut or dry hands.

Se protégez les lèvres et les mains. N'oubliez pas les bienfaits des baumes à lèvres ni celle de la Vaseline. Enduisez vos lèvres de Vaseline le soir pour vous réveiller les lèvres bien hydratées. Les mains sont souvent exposées aux éléments. Pour réparer les mains rêches et abimées, recouvrez-les de Vaseline puis glisser-les dans des gants en coton. La nuit, vos mains auront tout le temps de s'hydrater et de devenir lisses.

How to prepare your skin for Winter

Use gentle products. Don't buy gels or lotions with strong chemical scents as they are quite harsh on the skin. Use unscented creams for fragile and/or dry skin instead. You can also buy baby oil or baby lotion because they are purposefully made for sensitive skin.

Utilisez des produits doux. N'achetez plus de gels ni de crèmes parfumées synthétiques car elles sont très abrasives sur votre peau. Optez plutôt pour des crèmes sans parfum, pour peaux sèches et fragiles. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser des huiles pour bébé ou crèmes pour bébé car elles sont très douces.

How to prepare your skin for Winter

Exfoliate then hydrate. In the shower, exfoliate your body using an exfoliating glove or special gel. Don't exfoliate too much as winter skin is quite sensitive. When getting out of the shower, slather on a rich (unscented) lotion or body butter and slip into a bathrobe to trap the head and moisture.

Exfoliez puis hydratez. Dans la douche, exfoliez votre corps à l'aide d'un gant de crin ou d'une crème exfoliante. Ne gommez pas trop car l'épiderme est fragile en hiver. En sortant de la douche, enduisez-vous de crème hydratante (non parfumée) ou de beurre corporel et enfilez un peignoir qui aidera à garder la chaleur et maintenir votre peau hydratée.

How to prepare your skin for Winter

Reduce the heat. Don't crank up the heat too hard because it will often dry out your skin. On top of that, when leaving your house, you'll face a harsh temperature shock.

What do you do to prep your skin for the cold winter months?

Réduisez le chauffage. Ne forcez pas trop le chauffage chez vous car il peut assécher la peau. De plus, en sortant de chez vous, il y aura une grande différence de température. 

Comment faites-vous pour maintenir votre peau en bonne santé l'hiver?



  1. Great tips, Emma. Thx for sharing. I'll do nothing special, same routine all year round, tho.

  2. The eos cream looks so cute, and although the lip balm chapped my lips too much i hoped the cream does not. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  3. Sages conseils pour un hiver en beauté ! Perso j'utilise tous les soirs une crème hydratante pour les mains ;) xox

  4. Thank you for sharing your skin care regime for winter. I'd need to try it too.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

  5. Ahh, I canNOT stand dry lips; moisturize, moisturize, moisturize for sure!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  6. I think that this kind of posts are very interesting, our skin is something that we have to take care of and most of us don't give to it the imporatnce that it have.
    I really enjoyed reading it! Nice post :)

  7. Great tips!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


  9. Great tips! I need to try that eOS lotion!

  10. Amazing skin tips! Even though I don't need this here since Singapore is summer all year round but since I am going to Japan to travel soon so it come in handy for me (: x

    1. That's very true! Do you have any tips on skincare and humidity/heat?

  11. Lip balm is my must have all year round, especially in winter. Great tips, your photos are perfect <3

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

  12. Lip balm is my must have all year round, especially in winter. Great tips, your photos are perfect <3

    Valentina from


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