Saturday, August 16, 2014


Target shirt, sunglasses & watch, Aerie pants, espadrilles from marché, Amazon backpack, handmade necklace, bracelet from Bali

I made a friend on the Embarcadero.
A big seagull, fed by the tourists.
He wasn't scared of me.
Kindly, he posed for the photos.
A celebrity, I tell you.
And came along a tourist with a pink sweatshirt, matching her gum.
She wanted to him approach too much.
He flew away, leaving a feather behind.

Je me suis fait un ami sur l'Embarcadero.
Un gros oiseau, nourri par les touristes. 
Il n'avait pas peur de moi. 
Gentiment, il a posé pour les photos. 
Une vrai star, je vous dis.
Et vint une touriste au sweatshirt rose, assorti à son chewing-gum.
Elle voulut trop s'en approcher.
Il s'envola, laissant une plume derrière lui.

photos: PAUL


  1. Nice outfit! ;)

  2. nice pictures!
    Love your bag, i need one like this!

  3. such beautiful skies :) love the second photo.. and thank you for your kind words on my previous post :)

    lots of love x

  4. nice place !



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