Monday, August 4, 2014

Blue Bell (Bottom Jeans)

Khol's shirt, borrowed jean, Target necklace, Etsy ring, bracelets from Turkey 

Wearing bell bottom jeans reminds me of my elementary school years. All of my jeans were flare. You could easily recognize me with my rainbow high top Converse and just under the chin haircut. I felt really old and like such a rebelle when my mom bought me my first pair of skinny jeans in sixth grade! I felt like all the other big girls in middle school.
However, I feel like I'm going to buy a pair of flare pants for the beginning of the school year. I borrowed this one from a friend but I'd love to keep it!

Porter un jean pattes d'éléphants me rappelle mes années élémentaires. Tous mes jeans avaient cette coupe. On pouvait me reconnaître avec mes Converse high top, arc en ciel, et ma coupe de cheveux au carré. Je me suis sentie tellement rebelle et âgée quand ma mère m'a acheté ma première paire de skinny jeans en sixième! J'avais l'impression d'être comme toutes les "grandes" filles au collège. 
Par contre, à la rentrée, je sens que je vais craquer pour un pantalon pattes d'éléphants. Je l'ai emprunté à une amie mais j'aimerais bien le garder!

photos: PAUL


  1. Ce haut est magnifique ♥

  2. My.. your blue top is gorgeous and the way you paired was cute.
    Are you on a holiday ??
    Bumped into your blog searching some look.
    You have an amazing blog. Keep up the good work.
    Interested in mutual following of the blogs through GFC..?
    Hoping a positive response.

  3. Tu es vraiment trop jolie dans ce jean, cette coupe de te va drôlement bien dis donc, j'adore. Ton haut est vraiment mignon aussi!!!


  4. Love your top & thanks for stopping by!


  5. Love your blog! Want to follow each other on g+ and gfc? Let me know.
    Enjoy your day ^_^

    isa |

  6. great photos!
    Maybe we can follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, (or where you like)? Just let me know!

  7. Beautiful!


  8. Nice pics!

  9. Great picture, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I appreciate your passion for fashion and photography. Beautiful picture Emma, I am a big fan of your blog.


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