Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Getty White

Forever 21 shirt, Target skirt, sunglasses, watch & necklace, Franco Sarto shoes, bracelets from Turkey, handmade ring

It was a beautiful day at the Getty Museum! All of the white from the architecture was blinding. It was pretty though since it contrasted with the blue sky. I hadn't yet worn my skirt during this ENTIRE trip (because of the weather in San Francisco...) before today. I feel much better dressed in skirts and sandals then shorts and sneakers.

C'était une très belle journée au Getty Museum! Le blanc de l'architecture était éblouissant, mais créait un beau contraste avec le ciel bleu. Je n'avais pas encore porté ma jupe pendant TOUT ce voyage (à cause de la météo de San Francisco...) avant cette visite!!! Après avoir été constamment en shorts et baskets, je me sent tellement mieux habillée de vêtements féminins.

photos: PAUL

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  1. Gorgeous photos Emma. I am sure you're having a really good time. Cool outfit for the day. Enjoy yourself while out there.
    kisses girls


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