Sunday, August 17, 2014

Put A Smile on Your Face #14

Photo: I couldn't stop smiling when I climbed this huge sand dune in Tadoussac, Canada.
Video: The brand Under Armour settles the question, is ballet a sport? YES!! Check out their great ad here.
Link: Monica Lee's beautiful graphite drawings could easily be mistaken for photographs. Please send some talent my way.

Photo: Je n'arrêtais pas de sourire en escaladant cette immense dune de sable à Tadoussac au Canada.
Vidéo: La marque Under Armour répond à la question, est-ce que le ballet est un sport? OUI!! Regardez leur belle campagne de publicité ici.
Lien: On pourrait facilement croire que les beaux dessins en graphite de Monica Lee sont en fait des photographies. S'il te plaît, Monica, donne-moi un peu de ton talent.



  1. aww the gif is funny, love it have a nice day <3

    Visit my blog:

  2. Hahah a very sweet gif :) Glad you are doing things that make you happy, that's what life is all about x

    Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    Let me know if you do so I can follow back!
    Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

  3. Thx for putting a smile onto my face Emma. It greatly appreciated. Thx for your kind comment, I am still restoring the blog, it's the worst scenario that could happen to a blogger, it takes ages to get everything back but at least it can be done.
    kisses girls

  4. nice and smart pic!
    keep posting!

  5. Cute post!


  6. Great post :)

  7. Nice gif! I love love love that Under Armour ad. Misty speaks for us all.

  8. Jolie photo, et pas facile d'escalader cette dune!

  9. This is so cute and cool! love the little video, it def captures the moment!!! your fitness outfit is super cute! you look adorable as always in no matter what!


  10. J'adore leur vidéo, qu'est ce qu'elle est musclée la nana qui danse!!! Je voulais te demander comment et avec quel logiciel tu as fait ce GIF?


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