Thursday, May 15, 2014

Travels to Studios feat. Meg Erickson

Sup beautiful human beings, 
So recently Emma and I traveled the distance to Meg's studio for her summer sample sale. Here are just a few (actually a lot) simple pictures from our trip! 
ps- please excuse the varying quality I blame it all on my phone. 

Red White and Blue (are you ready for 4th of July?)

How many bags can you pile on? 

Pick a color, any color. Then pick a bag, any bag. Make a dream, live the dream. 

Bags on bags on bags

Texture is essential, it adds to a simple beauty 

Neon zip bags! Perfect for school or organizing! 

Clutches <3

Fun colors and fun textures. 

We're living the life 

Meg Erickson's bags are geared toward simplicity and elegance. With no zippers, clasps, buttons or accessories, the clean cut leather bags are easily paired with any outfit and any strong personality. The handbag or purse is one of a girl's essentials. It must work with the outfit, and it must be its own outfit at the same time. A bag may be an accessory to some, but truly your bag is its own statement. You can have an outfit without a purse or with a purse, and you can have a purse with or without an outfit. 

Thank you Meg for the bags and everything :) 
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  1. oh this is an amazing concept for bags :)

  2. OMG! You girls were in bag heaven!! Sounds like a very interesting and nice time you spent there. Love the cobalt blue bag so much. Great post. Thx for sharing. Btw I love the lace top, it's gorgeous!
    Happy Friday girls

    1. Why thank you, the cobalt blue is amazing I agree :)

      xo Miki

  3. Love the colors of the leather, beautiful purses too! I will stay tuned to your blog xx

  4. Beautiful bags!!! Love the vibrant colors :)
    I invite you to stop by my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other :)


  5. so stylish!
    Instagram – mira_shpak
    Twitter – @ShpakMira

  6. wow, i love all of them.. so many colors doll..
    follow u on G +, Gfc & Bloglovin, hope you add me
    keep in touch


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