Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meg Erickson Handbags

The handbag or purse is one of a girls essentials. It must work with the outfit, and it must be its own outfit at the same time. A bag may be an accessory to some, but truly your bag is it's own statement. You can have an outfit without a purse or with a purse, and you can have a purse with or without an outfit. 

The satchel for the office carries your work, and your essentials to survive the day. The tote saves your beach cover-up and sunglasses from the sand. And the night clutch holds the lip gloss and the mints. 
Handbags are essential to most everyday life. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Strung with plastic jewels, laced with zippers, gilded with gold. They carry parts of your life for you. Holding your calendars covered in dates, makeup case filled with lipsticks, your phone, gum, sunglasses, headphones, coverup, wallet, and something that makes it personal - maybe a small keychain from a trip. If your purse carries so much of your personal stuff shouldn't it represent you - mainly your style (it helps the bag match most of your outfits!) 

Now I don't have many purses or clutches. I have one beach bag - a simple light brown tote from Zara. A blue purse that slings over my shoulder for a day in the city. And my favorite ~ a suede gray and black clutch by Meg Erickson (http://www.megerickson.com). 

I've always loved simple bags. No glitter, jewels, buttons, or excessive zippers. Simplicity is hard to pull off elegantly; but she does it perfectly. At times the glitter is to distract you from the fact that the bag isn't the greatest it could be. As well if its simple its sure to go with much more in your wardrobe! Meg's bags are all simple, just leather with a bit of fur thrown in the winter collections. 

"Meg Erickson, spent many years in NY and Milan as a model then stylist. A designer at heart, she started Two Hippies to create luxury leather bags for women who want functional simplicity and a good looking bag. Meg  uses local stitchers and handcuts each bag herself. She lives outside of Boston with her two sons." (about)

"Our handcrafted messengers, totes, clutches and new ‘SWAG’ bag are designed with luxurious leather, clean and simple. No bling, no zips, no weight! Each piece is handcut, then stitched in our atelier in Beverly, making our bags nearly bespoke." (about)

Not long ago I was given the opportunity to model some of her bags! It was a dream come true, I've wanted to try modeling for ages and I got the chance! That was how I first learned of her bags and I've fallen deeply in love with them. Their easy to pair with outfits. Each bag is styled not only for beauty but functionality. Their comfortable to carry, and the compliments come flying (trust me). I use my clutch all the time, I swear. It goes with nearly every outfit I own, and even though I've never been a huge clutch person I've come to love it more than most anything else stuffed in my closet. 

Check out her website, and if you fall in love with them like I have then get one! They're amazing!

Thank you Meg so so so so much! Click here for her website! And here for the facebook page!


~ Pictures 2, 3, 4, 8, and the 4 below are from www.megerickson.com


  1. These are great! x


    1. Thank you so much! Also I adore your blog <3

  2. Lovely bags!!!
    Have a good week!!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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