Sunday, May 25, 2014

A White Memorial Day

Hey beauties, 
So tomorrow is memorial day and where I live it's supposed to be 85 degrees (switching out these jeans for shorts anyway). So to celebrate here's a post (I'm always celebrating clearly) 
The flowers have finally bloomed around here and the sun has made the trees a gorgeous green. I couldn't be happier laying out in the warm light and soaking up the smell of tulips - like seriously though, its amazing. My sweaters have been buried in the back of my closet and now shorts take the first shelf. The beach has become my best friend once again and my coats have become the worst. 

You may notice part of my hair has gone blonde. About a week ago I got it cut and went ombre to get rid of my red. Now I've never really liked ombre because usually when I see it done girls have a line between the colors, I like the color to flow seamlessly. But also I hate dealing with roots - they suck. So I found someone who knew exactly what she was doing and god I think it looks amazing (post to come soon where you can see my hair down). It flows seamlessly and I don't have to deal with roots. 
The plan is to keep it this way for a while and then go pink...but we'll see :) 

Top: free people
Jeans: Levi's 
Boots: Frye

Only bad thing about spring is pollen. For one it gets all over my car meaning I'm constantly doing car washes. Two: allergies. If I forget my Zyrtec well I'll be sneezing all day. And after the sneezing comes swollen eyes and runny nose. But hey to be honest its pretty much all worth it when the sun comes out. 

One last thing: these amazing drinks. Seriously try them they taste like heaven and are extremely good for you :) 



  1. Thanks for the follow, we are definitely following back!

    Ryli :)

  2. Love the top, cannot wait to see the hair! I think pink would look amazing on you.


  3. Wow, such a pretty look, love these stunning top. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. Love your outfit :) so cute and comfy, I'm also so happy because the weather is super nice over here too!


  5. Happy memorial day, enjoy your day!
    Pretty cool outfit

  6. That shirt! That shirt! It's so perfectly bohemian! Really, the whole outfit is bohemian, but the shirt makes it amazing.


  7. Great post!! :)

  8. Lovely pics with tulips in the background! Love your blouse. I like your ombre hair. It's true that it's difficult to get a good outcome with this hairstyle, but I love yours.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman. LindseyMarie contest-giveaway
    So easy Spanish!

  9. Nice top ! :)


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