Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Put A Smile On Your Face #4

For a while, I've been meaning to create a Flickr account for myself. I finally did over the weekend! I have 54 photos and one follower... starting strong. I have almost no idea how to use Flickr, I'm just starting out. You guys should all follow me, I promise, more pictures will come.
Depuis assez longtemps, je voulais me créer un compte Flickr. Je l'ai enfin fait ce week end! J'ai 54 photos et une personne qui me suit... ça commence bien. Je n'ai pratiquement aucune idée comment utiliser ce site, je débute seulement. Vous devriez me suivre, je vous promets, il y aura plus de photos.
During my spare time, I cam across this video, done by one of my favorite blogger. I love the quality of the images, the music is great. I don't think I'd be that great at making short films, my eye is more for photography. I also had to say this: Making Magique repined on of my pins on Pinterest... it was exciting!
J'ai trouvé cette vidéo, faite par une de mes blogueuse préférées. J'adore la qualité des images et la musique est belle aussi. Je ne pense pas que je serais très bonne à faire des court-métrages. Mon œil est mieux formé pour la photographie. J'ai aussi besoin de dire que: Making Magique a reposter un de mes "pins" sur Pinterest... c'était super!



  1. J'adore cette video, elle est trop belle!!

  2. aw that's lovely :) i'll pop by your flick account and check it out too!


  3. I'd follow you in a split second, babe, but I don't have a profile on Flickt. At least not yet.:) I watched the short video you like - I had no idea bout her blog, have to check her out, because I like it too, th play with focus and the imagery is pretty spot on. And she's just a lovely girl! Maybe you should try it too, you can't say you won't be good at it until you try, right?;)


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