Friday, October 25, 2013


So Emma and I got to model the other day for Meg Erickson (thus the multiple posts on her amazing bags). Since we've already done some posts on them I won't describe them again but I so so so so recommend checking her out here!! 

These photos are for her bags for the spring collection just so you know :) 

First Few Tips For Modeling:

1) It may feel awkward but it looks great on camera. 
2) Never look fully down or up or to the side. Always think in fourths. 1/4 to the side, up, down, etc.
3) Make sure your background works, little things are noticeable in photos.  
4) Relating to three, be a blank canvas when you start a shoot. Clothes, makeup, shoes, those are your paint. 
5) Have fun, you'll look better :) 


  1. ♥BEAUTIFUL, i love your pictures!

    1. thank you so much!! I love your blog, followed!!


  2. Oh gosh all this photos are so pretty and modeling seems so fun and amazing (: x

  3. hola guapisima como decias si nos podiamos seguir mutuamente pues si yo desde ahora ya te sigo espero tu tambien me sigas de vuelta besossss

  4. Very pretty:)

  5. great outfit girl, love the overknees and the coat, the color is my favorite!, take a look at my blog and mybe you wanna to follow each other?

  6. The 5th tip is my favorite!!! It's always so obvious when people are having a miserable time.:D The last shot is phenomenal, I love that it captured the movement!

    I also wanted to say that I know there's two of you working on this blog but I wasn't sure who writes the comments and when I wanted to mention you on my last post, I "had to" put down one name so I chose Emma. I can always change it if I chose wrongly.:) Have a great week, ladies!;)


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