Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Year Round

Grandmother knit sweater, Target jeans, I-am necklace, Modcloth ring

This sweater can be worn year round. I don't have to wear anything under it during the spring or on chilly summer mornings. In the fall, a light tank top will do. During the winter, a long sleeve thermal shirt will keep me plenty warm. I love the lacy aspect and the softness of the wool. What does your favorite sweater look like?

Ce pull peut traverser toutes les saisons. Je peux ne rien mettre en dessous pour le printemps ou pour un matin d'été. L'automne, j'enfile une petite chemise à bretelles. L'hiver, un haut thermal à manches longues me réchauffe largement. J'aime l'effet dentelé de ce pull et sa laine douillette. À quoi ressemble votre pull préféré?



  1. Love your outfit (: the sweater look great on you and the necklace you are wearing look so pretty! x

  2. Such cute pictures :) Love your little dogs x

    1. Thanks, I wish the dogs were mine, they're Miki's :(

  3. Trop mignons les chiens!!!!!Ton pull est mon pull préféré est en laine et il tient bien chaud!!!!


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