Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three Ways To Africa

Hello my fellow bloggers :) 

Just yesterday I had all my wisdom teeth taken out, so here I sit my mouth still numb and I'm editing and editing and editing. As well I will admit to watching five episodes of Game of Thrones in one day, as well as looking through every piece of clothing on 
Now I don't know if you guys have gotten any teeth pulled but I will say; have many ice packs on hand, Netflix/an excessive amount of movies, loads of yogurt and sherbet, and some good friends to keep you company. Also having an awesome blog to work on can always help :) 

So a few weeks ago my friend was getting rid of some of her clothes and I managed to sneak away with these really beautiful pants? from Africa. Their silk I believe and extremely comfortable. I've been wearing it constantly. As you can see from this post there's three ways to wear it! As fancy pants ( :P ) with a vest, easy and breezy (covergirl) with a crop top, and as a romper for fun times. 

I'm still obsessing over my glasses, and the leather bracelet is just like the one in my last post (a different leather of course) the pastel pink photographer

Pants/Romper: Africa 
Vest: H&M
Black Top: Boutique in Denmark



  1. your so sexy in your outfits!

    maybe we can follow each other.
    let me know if you want to :)

    1. Thank you <3

      Yes I just followed you, I love your blog :)

      xoxox Miki

  2. hahahaha love all the looks!

  3. Ouch! Even though you lost your tooth, but you never lost the style :) Love that romper :)


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