Saturday, August 10, 2013

Off To NYC

Hey y'all,
So I'm off to NYC for the weekend - I'll be back monday night (so I won't be posting till then)
I'm going with my dad because he has a huge conference he's speaking at and I've convinced him to drag me along and let me roam around NYC while he works. So I've planned the days to be exploring, shopping and photographing in Manhattan. And the evenings I will spend with my dad or my aunt who is coming to visit me!
So thought I'd share what I through into my suitcase with you all in case I don't get photos with them :) 
(sorry 'bout the yoga mat as the backdrop...)

Day 1: outfit from The Pastel Pink Photographer 

Dinner outfit or something - you never know (I tend to overpack when I go to NYC...always)
Dress: H&M; Shoes: Calvin Klein; Belt: Forever 21

Dress: 341; Shoes: Calvin Klein 

Swimmy Swimmy Swimmy 
Cover-up: Banana Republic; Palm Tree Suit: Pacsun; Flamingo top: Target 

Sleepy Time 
All from Aerie (yes i'm obsessed). Their spandex underwear is so freekin' comfortable 

Day 2
Shorts: American Eagle; Shirt: Rumors 

Day 3
Shirt: American Eagle; Shorts: I made 'em (DIY to come); Necklace: France...; Boots: MIA

In case of coldness 
Shirt: Lucky Brand; Leggings: Ralph Lauren


See you soon :)


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