Friday, August 16, 2013

Rockin' The Streets Acapella

Hey Y'all! I'm back :) 
Photos are a coming 

So this is probably my favorite look EVER! I love love love high waisted shorts and wolves are pretty damn close to the best animal ever. It's a kinda rocker street style but its got a soft edge (wolf...maybe...). If I could I would probably wear this look every day :P

I'm also currently obsessed with this song. I love Karmin, their music is awesome and Amy has the best style (her hair...omg love). I've always looked up to them in their great relationship and ability to work so well together and make some epic music. Amy can sing and rap and gah I want to be her so badly seriously though she's beautiful and now I'm just fangirling and yeah kinda obsessed over here... :)

The shorts I actually made myself and I'm gonna do a DIY post about 'em soon!! :) 

Shirt: Zara 
Shorts: I made 'em from some old jeans
Purse: American Eagle



  1. Warning : killer outfit !!! And I love those shoes, they're perfect

    See U !

    1. haha thank you <3 <3
      yeah their awesome and wicked comfy - but i've had them foreverrrr (thus the excessive scruff marks)

      xoxox Miki

  2. I love your top it's so chic (: xx


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