Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Day In Boston

So last week we traveled into Boston to visit the ICA and walk around the pier and Faneuil Hall. For those of you who don't know Boston, it is located in eastern Massachusetts, right on the water and is a great city. It's not as big as New York City but it has many nooks and crannies to explore. 
The ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art) is a modern art museum right on Fan Pier. It is an amazing building architecturally and contains awesome art. 
This is an extremely blurry picture of the building from the water (we did not take this). 

The next few pictures are pieces of artwork from an exhibit at the ICA done by Barry McGee, a painter and graffiti artist. He married a woman named Margaret and they had a child together, but she died not long after in 2001, and some of his works seem to show this sadness. He is also known by "Twist"!

This is a small piece that was a part of a huge wall with many different drawings spread over the wall. As well this was only drawn with pen! Each line a ballpoint pen, the darker the lines means he drew over that spot more times. It's incredible!

This is a wall that is meant to in a way show us what he does. The centerpiece is of course the spray cans and then you can see other things he uses to the left and a few pieces of artwork on either side. 

These are all done with ballpoint pen (like the first) and they are actually a good size. The biggest one is a bit bigger than a normal sized piece of paper! As said before: incredible!

 These pictures were taken in front of a huge wall covered in different colored paper! It makes you go a bit crazy if you look at it too long :)

Emma looking at some pretty cool art, and yes the wall is curved out. 

This is the view from a long hallway down the back of the ICA. The hall stretches from one side of the building to the other also creating a beautiful passageway to the next gallery. This is because the building is split in half one half right now is the Barry McGee show and the other half has many different installations. So to get from one to the other you must walk down this glass hallway that looks out on the water. 

Below are two pieces of artwork from the second gallery in one picture! (yay photography... anyway) The standing 3D object is made from wood and a chain but then the white square that looks spiky is actually spiked and made with oil paint! The paint is done so that it will dry and stay in such a way to create this 3D effect. The painting behind it was (Miki's) favorite! In her post she talks about why (here)

The next four pictures are some small things we found in the store at the ICA. Three cool but semi-strange books that made us laugh; and a self-esteem boosting coin case. 

It's Miki's dad (he also came to the ICA but then left and so we took the train home!)

A part of our yummy lunch we had a Faneuil Hall along with some ice cream (pictured below)!
Faneuil Hall is right near the water and is located in Government Center in Boston. It is about a 15 minute walk from the ICA. It is a huge place for tourists, not only because it's filled with delicious foods of all kinds but as well it is surrounded by stores (such as Urban Outfitters, Victorias Secret, Newbury Comics, and many more) and there are constantly street performers doing magic or stunts. In the picture to the left below you can see two street performers talking. Their both amazing at what they do and I've seen their shows many times :) The picture on the right contains a man dressed at a Hawaiian hula girl with pink leggings; can you spot him?

Yummy ice cream for lunch (well really frozen yogurt for Emma and ice cream for Miki)

And finally to finish the day, on our way to the train station we passed through the New England Holocaust Memorial. There are six towers each inscribed with a million number of Jews who died in the holocaust. Altogether there are six million represented. It is a beautiful piece of art and memorial that lies in Boston. 

Also guys up for tomorrow is a video from our trip! It is Miki's first time editing a video so we'll see how it goes! 

~Miki and Emma


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