Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paint Princess

Hey everyone

So as y'all may know I love photography. Love love love it. The way one can express an art through a picture that may be so simple yet carries such a complex story is amazing. To be able to tell a tale in one frame, through the expressions of the people and the movements of the trees. It's truly wonderful to me. One of my friends came over last week and asked to do a photoshoot so she could get some pictures. She picked two different themes: neon paint and princess-y-ish. So here are some of the photos! 

Just so you know I don't know where any of the clothing is from (sorry), but the paint you can get at ACMoore or any art store. Just make sure it comes off with water. All the paint came easily out of her clothes and hair. Her hair was curled and she just has a simple makeup look, brown eyeshadow pallet and a bit of eyeliner. 

The dogs are both mine. One is named Zoom-Zoom, the other is Pluto!
Enjoy :)



  1. Love the photos, you have talent girl!! Especially love the first one, super dreamy :)

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much!! That means the world to hear that <3


  2. The pictures are fab congrats! Love the paint and the cute doggy x


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