Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day In Boston With Miki

Just last week, Emma and I made our way into Boston to visit the ICA and just to walk around. We live near Boston so it wasn't a long commute (we took the train). The ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) had a new show in done by Barry McGee an amazing graffiti artist. Above is one of my favorite paintings from a different installation at the museum. The way the white acts as sunlight through the orange looking mess of tangles vines is gorgeous. As well the combination of the fiery fluid colors with the stiff black really contrasts the painting. You can also see small birds or flowers or butterflies (whatever you interpret them to be) to the left of my head; I just love the small details. 

This was a chair made as a replica to the other blue chair mounted on the wall. It makes you think of the difference between mounted art and everyday objects we take for granted. But is the chair you can sit on any different to the one on the wall? Is everything in its own way art? 

Here we were out on the docks by the ICA. The day was gorgeous and quite hot! I'm glad I didn't wear as much black as Emma - I may have passed out in the 98 degree weather :P 

Don't worry I caught him!
And yes, I love the Celtics <3 

Shorts: I made them myself (post to come)!
Shoes: Michael Shannon 
Bandeau: Urban Outfitters 
Top: Brandy Melville
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (I think...)

Another post is soon to come with the rest of the photos from Boston!!!

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