Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independent America

(America by Lana Del Rey)

So today is July 4th, a huge day for us americans; because it is the day we gained our independence many years ago. Now to be honest I don't know much history about this event, but I do know we signed some document and became a free nation (or something like that). I guess I have a tiny problem with this "holiday": I'm not exactly very patriotic. Yeah problematic I know. I am first generation american (my mom is Danish, my dad Russian) and I've never felt a strong pull to America like some people say they feel. But even though I may not have this connection I can still celebrate, enjoy fireworks, and drink for our independence on this 4th of July! 
So Happy Independence Day America!! 

Now today many people have parties (I love parties so I guess I'm patriotic to parties....maybe...I don't think it works that way; I just like to see people and meet new people, I'm a people person!) and the key is what you wear: obviously it's gonna be red, white, and blue. Duh. America. 
If you're having a problem finding one of the colors (you don't have to wear all three) you can always paint your nails that color. 
For an easy outfit just through on some jeans (jean shorts) and a white shirt; most people have that in their closet. But don't be scared to mix it up!!!! Here are some ideas you could try :)

 Simple look and easy to put together. Just including two colors is perfect on the left one; and on the right the headband through in that star spangled banner for a festive touch. The one in the middle has all three but fits well and is not overdone. 

 Both of these are easy DIY's if you have the time. For both you just need an american flag that can be cut. Then cut to your desired shapes and sew on. You can put the flag on: back of your jacket (example on right), on your back pockets (example on left), on the inside of your front pockets, make into a bandana or wrist band, and also you could sew it into a bandeau.  

These three all have a piece that is linked to the american flag that you may have somewhere in your closet, and I must say having an american top is a good thing to have in your closet. You can find good ones at Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Free People,  and H&M.

Now depending on where you live the weather can get cool at night. So if you're going to see fireworks or a party outside be sure to bring something that can keep you warm in case you get chilly. As well this extra shirt could double as something to sit on on the beach or by a fire (bug-spray at this time of year can also never hurt...).
Also for makeup don't go to crazy (that's new years) but if you have blue eyeliner (and you have green or brown eyes) use it! Not only will it make your eyes pop but it's also patriotic! 

Happy Independence Day America 

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