Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let's Make It A Last Pant Day

The weather is beginning its warming course up here (stupid north, I want summer faster). So the weathers increasing its temperatures so here may be my last post with pants for a while!!!! :) 
Warm weather is probably my favorite, with trips to the beach and ice cream time. As well my style usually changes around this time of year; I go from a bit on the preppy side to a bit on the hippie side. I become obsessed with dresses and high-wasted shorts instead of leggings and cardigans.  
So I say a happy bye-bye to leggings and cardigans for a while in this post!

Bye-bye leggings, sweaters, and spring!!! 

My hair looks crazy red in the sun :)

White Tee- H&M
Cardigan- J. Crew (I think)
Leggings- Ralph Lauren
Shoes- Michael Shannon (you can get them at Aldo or Nordstrom)

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  1. Bring on the hippie side!:) Your hair is frigging great, I love the color and the braid too.;)

    1. Haha I will, the hippie side is coming just you wait and see! Than you so so much, it means a ton to hear that from you I seriously admire your blog to the moon and back and I'm a huge fan so thank you!!



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