Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Day Of School Donned In Flowers

So a few days ago was my last day of school and I know I've already worn this dress in a post I did a little while ago (click here to see it!). For my last day of school I decided to wear a dress; one because I love dresses and two why not?!

On my last day of school Emma and I both were presenting our art in an art show at our school so I though it was a perfect excuse to dress up a bit more then usual. Normally I like to be on the more comfortable and laid back style, but not on the last day of school! I will be doing a blog post soon with some of my art so be looking out for that!

Now even though I did dress up a bit the key is that I dressed down the dress (if that can be a term). I didn't expose the open back (look at back here) and I wore my cowgirl boots and a simple cardigan. These two more laid back clothing pieces counteracted the jewelry and the dress. If you ever feel that something is two fancy or not fancy enough you can always use other pieces of clothing and accessories to change the style of the main clothing piece (in this case it's the dress). 

My hair keeps getting redder! Mainly because the brown has been washing out a bit and since red is a fashion color (meaning you cannot dye over it, without the red showing through; not even black will work) it just gets brighter but I love it!!!!! 

Dress: Forever 21
Boots: MIA
Jewelry: I'm not sure where I got them but you can get similar ones here:
Cardigan: Old Navy


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