Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweater Time

So today I experienced the first snowfall of this frosty season and I know it will only get colder. When I got home I pulled all my sweaters out of their summer slumber and put them into my closet readying them for their upcoming use. Here are some cute sweater outfit combinations that I love and I hope you will too!

The old classic tight sweater and skirt (best for a cute school outfit or day in the city. Don't forget tights my legs always tend to freeze when it gets in the lower degrees)

The manly sweater (hence the manly model). Boys: you can be extremely attractive in sweaters so wear them! Trust me :)

 The sweater and shorts are always cute for a bit of a warmer day, and the oversized sweater can always add a cute effect to a simple outfit.

The casual tomboy artsy look better for hikes in the red woods (most trees are now dead but still)

And last but not least, my favorite: the sweater and jean combo. I am a huge fan of nice leggings but jeans with sweaters are adorable and can make the comfiest casual outfit. 

Keep warm little frost bunnies

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