Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beauty of the Gym

You can still look good while working out! In fact I think that working out is a really important part of life. Saving some "me" time to hit the gym and do something cardio is important for everyone. Even just playing some one on one basketball with your friend or talking a walk, just moving in general! I love the feeling after a good workout where I just feel accomplished and amazing. While I workout I'm concentrating so much on what I'm doing that I let everything else leave my head for a while and I don't think of anything else. It is so nice to block unwanted things for a moment! I don't like jogging because I find that I get bored really easily. However I love team sports (ballet, basketball, soccer) or just working out at the gym with someone else. I'm the type of girl who if let alone will not do anything. I need goals otherwise I feel like I can't do anything. (if that makes sense) I don't need someone pushing me, like a trainer, but something that I can look forward too. Music also helps me concentrate on what I'm doing. Below I added an outfit and the beginning of a playlist that you can add onto depending on what you're doing!
Nagleen water bottle (hydrating is important)

Nike Free Run sneakers (shoes...unless you workout bear foot?!)

Under Armour shorts (or pants)

American Eagle sports bra (they have really pretty patterns)

Adidas shirt (they have a wide selection of colors too)

Beginning of a playlist:

Adele- Skyfall (stretch out)
Katy Perry-TGIF
Taylor Swift- Bang Bang Bang
Katy Perry - The one that got away
Shakira- Waka Waka
Inna- Sun is Up
Cascada- Evacuate the Dance floor
J-Lo- Papi
(finish the playlist depending on your workout)

Quotes to help push through :P



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