Friday, November 30, 2012

Bow Baby

It is the essential accessory, the one I can not live without. It is the small added touch that can complete an outfit or add a feminine feel. It is the one and only: the bow! Now I always use bows in my hair and I know that you can have bow earrings, bows on your dresses, bow shaped jewelry, bows on all your clothing but here I will be addressing my favorite the bow for your hair.
So I absolutely adore bows and Emma can tell you all about how someway or another a bow always end up in my hair on a daily basis. They are such a cute touch to an outfit and can give quite a girly touch to even the most masculine makeup of clothing. So I have put a few photos below of bows I love  and a few places to get the perfect bow to add to your wardrobe. 

This two bows (the pics above and below this comment) are the two ways I almost always wear bows. The first is an easy clip that is a great way to put back your hair and the second is just a simple ribbon that you tie into your hair! 

This one is from forever 21 and is perfect for a more preppy outfit

This bow is sold online at Nordstrom and works so well with more summery clothing as well as pastels


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