Monday, May 27, 2013

Xed Out

Target shirt, Sans Souci shorts (from Miki <3), espadrilles bought in a marché, Istsybitsy and eBay rings, hand made bracelets
           Rings/bagues:  Itsybitsy                                               eBay
Queen of the log pile that I have started to love. This place is so cool. Today was so warm I was so happy I decided to wear shorts. I might have gotten an awkward sunburn with an x pattern around my neck, hopefully not. We'll see tomorrow!
Reine du tas de bois que je commence à adorer. Cet endroit est tellement cool. Aujourd'hui il a fait tellement chaud que j'étais très heureuse d'avoir mis un short. J'ai peut-être attrapé un coup de soleil gênant avec motif d'x autour de mon cou. On verra ça demain!

photos by Paul


  1. love your top <3

    followed on gfc! follow back?

  2. I love everything about this outfit....The cutout of the shirt, your perfect lace shorts, and those shoes are so cute!


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