Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pink Pretty

Hey cuties, 
So this weekend I had my hair dyed, yes pink/red :) 
I've actually changed it again since then so I'll do a post about that in a bit (it's gonna be a big surprise)

But just a bit about how I had my hair done. So I went to a great salon in my town with a woman who I knew would do a good job (I always get my hair dyed and cut by her). First she did bleach my hair (I was blond aahhhhh!) and then we dyed it red. The bleaching did not effect my hair in any bad way and neither did the dye. Since it was permanent I had no issues with it rubbing off on my clothes or sheets. I would definitely recommend dying your hair! It gives you a pop of color :) 

As for this outfit, I went with a cardigan that complimented my hair color and just some neutral leggings and bright flats!

looking fierce rolling down windows on my car duh

Cardigan- J. Crew
Leggings- Ralph Lauren
Flats- J. Crew 
Bracelets- (heart) Macy's, (pink ribbon) a boutique in France 
Necklace- A gift...So I'm not sure...


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