Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ready, Set, Fête

I normally wear this shirt for NYE or a night out. Why limit yourself to wearing something that you love only a couple of times a year? So I slipped on this shirt I had thrifted a couple of years ago for a friend's birthday. I remember trying it on, not planning on buying it, but it fit like a glove and looked good! How do you say "no" to black and gold? It's like a champagne flute. You simply don't turn it down. Come on, ready, set, FÊTE! 

Normalement, je porte ce haut pour le réveillon ou une sortie le soir. Mais pourquoi se limiter à mettre un vêtement que quelquefois par an si on l'aime? J'ai donc enfilé ce haut que j'avais déniché dans une friperie pour l'anniversaire de mon amie il y a quelques années. Je me souviens encore de l'avoir essayé, ne pensant pas l'acheter, mais il m'allait comme un gant et faisait belle allure. Comment dire "non" au noir et au doré? C'est comme une coupe de champagne. On ne refuse pas. Allez, ready, set, FÊTE! 

Vintage Max Mara coat, thrifted shirt & hat, Levi's jeans, Atelier Chaussures shoes

photos: PAUL 


  1. You look so beautiful in these photos and that lip colour looks incredible on you. Love this outfit xx

    Valentina from

    1. Thank you Valentina! It's probably my favorite lipstick.

  2. That coat!!! Where did you find it? Absolutely amazing.

  3. It was actually my mom's friend's vintage find that she gave to me. Crazy right?!

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