Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bleu de travail

Last year I was invited to NYFW by a brand who then cancelled my invitation for lack of space. This year, I decided I don't need to go to NYFW to feel good. Of course, I'd love to attend a fashion show but to admire the clothes as a form of art rather than a people event. I will always be a blogger here, fashion week or not. On that note, have a wonderful New York Fashion Week. You can find me in full back to school swing, taking breaks here and there from homework by looking at photos of NYFW on Vogue. 

L'année dernière, j'ai été invitée à la NYFW par une marque; mais ensuite elle a fini par me retirer mon invitation, faute de place. Cette année, j'ai décidé que je n'avais pas besoin d'aller à la NYFW pour me sentir bien. Certes, un jour j'aimerais pouvoir assister à un défilé, mais plutôt pour admirer la mode en tant que forme d'art et pas événement "people". Je serai toujours blogueuse ici, fashion week ou pas! Sur ce, bonne semaine de la mode New Yorkaise. Vous pourrez me trouver en pleine rentrée scolaire, marquant des pauses entre mes devoirs pour regarder les photos en direct de la NYFW sur le site de Vogue. 

Vintage French chore jacket, Forever 21 shirt, Old Navy pants, market espadrilles, L.A Hearts sunglasses, Swatch watch

photos: FARYAL


  1. I love your outfit! The pop of blue is so fun!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  2. i've never attended a fashion week before (by the way i would be interested to know how you managed to get invitations for NYFW ?!? i only get invitations once in a while and only for berlin) but i believe it to be an interesting time. but i'd also be more interested in admiring the beauty of the clothings and not because of people watching.

    many people these days regard fashion as something quite superficial. but i believe it to be an artform, or also bigger than art, because you live your life in it. it's sad to see all this superficiality - even amongst bloggers. i really don't like it and there already have been some moments where i wondered if this is really a sphere i fit in. with my seriousness ... but i think it's always something personal. the other people can believe in their own stuff, i'll stick to my thoughts about fashion.

    it's always nice to read your postings.

    dahi from

    1. I just got a random invitation from a brand but I'm not sure it was legitimate. I think they sent out a batch in hopes people would respond.
      I've asked myself the same question as you about if this is the right sphere but comments like yours assure me it is. People are so impressed by blogging and then there are those who don't understand the commitment it takes. You also get to meet wonderful people who inspire you to keep going!

      Have a great day,


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