Sunday, August 21, 2016

What I Eat in a Day [Summer Edition]

What I Eat in a Day [Summer Edition]


I have much more time during the summer to make myself pretty and delicious breakfasts. Today, I made this parfait which you have seen before. I love eating fresh fruits in the summer.

L'été, j'ai plus le temps de me faire de beaux et bons petits-déjeuners. Aujourd'hui, j'ai confectionné ce parfait que vous avez déjà vu. J'adore faire mon plein de fruits l'été.

Vegan Fruity Breakfast Parfait Easy Recipe - What I Eat in a Day [Summer Edition]


I have a smaller appetite during the summer then winter. The heat makes me feel lethargic and less hungry. I toasted a couple slices of bread to make some avocado toast.

L'été, j'ai souvent moins faim qu'en hiver. La chaleur me ralentit et coupe la faim. J'ai grillé quelques tranches de pain pour me faire des tartines à l'avocat.

Quick Vegan Avocado Toast - What I Eat in a Day [Summer Edition]


You've known for a while that I have a thing for smoothies and smoothie bowls. To cool off in the afternoon, I added some ginger slices to my pear smoothie.

Vous savez depuis longtemps que j'ai un faible pour les smoothies et les smoothie-bowls. Pour me rafraîchir, j'ai ajouté du gingembre danse cette recette à la poire. 

Ginger Pear smoothie - What I Eat in a Day [Summer Edition]


My mom found a new recipe for a delicious summer salad: avocado, mango, red onions and rice. I also added a second salad to my plate: beets, feta, fresh mint and walnuts.

Ma mère a essayé une nouvelle recette de salade délicieuse, parfaite pour l'été: avocat, mangue, oignon rouge et coriandre sur un lit de riz. J'ai aussi pris un peu de sa deuxième salade: betteraves, feta, menthe fraîche et noix.

Mango, avocado and rice salad + beets, feta and walnut salad - What I Eat in a Day [Summer Edition]

What do you like to eat during the summer?

Qu'est-ce que vous aimez manger l'été?

photos: ME


  1. your diet is so healthy! Wish mine was more like yours... This all looks so delicious though!! Specially that smoothie! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. I just love fresh fruit and vegetables which makes eating healthy a breeze.

  2. These meals look so freaking amazing- I'm literally staring at that parfait and getting hungry!

  3. Amazing post dear, just follow you on GCP facebook and google +, hope you do the same..
    kiss from

  4. Your summer meals look so yummy and healthy (: x absolutely loving it


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