Monday, January 18, 2016

My Life According to Pinterest n°15


I often crave lemons and ice cream when I wear this outfit. I wonder why...?

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J'ai souvent faim de citrons et de glaces quand je porte cet ensemble. Je me demande pourquoi...?!

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I seem to have misplaces by turquoise brooch... have you seen it?

Je ne trouve pas ma broche turquoise... l'auriez-vous vue?


My arms and torso get cold but never my legs. Thank goodness my butt is toned, otherwise, I'd have to wear pants.

J'ai toujours froid au buste mais jamais aux jambes. Dieu merci, mes fesses sont tonifiées, sinon je devrais porter des pantalons.


If you buy a Céline bag, the least you can do is match it with your front door.

Si vous achetez un sac Céline, la moindre des choses est de l'assortir à la porte d'entrée de votre immeuble chic. 



  1. love all the pictures!

  2. Whatever do you mean? I always match my bag to my front door! *sniff.

  3. Great inspiration!!!!
    Have a good week!! and my g+ for you!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. These are beautiful pictures, and the sweater one made me laugh.

  5. This is such an original post! I love the bikini on number one haha

  6. Wow, I love all of these images! Great inspiration :) Instant moodlifter for winter

    Christina ♥

  7. Lovely images! The hairstyle with brooch is gorgeous.

  8. This was so entertaining!!!! Haha the sweater picture was hilarious but I do wish I could have that sweater haha!

    Jasmine :)


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